April 19, 2018
Point Loma Community News & Events
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Bam! Spring!
The season arrived officially in March, but this month it’s really popping!

Nature is sprouting plenty of color…

And human creations are growing like crazy all over the Point.
This is the Upper Voltaire mixed use development at the intersection with Wabaska.
Not long ago, it looked like this…
Here’s another view which also shows the City’s reconstruction work on the Voltaire Bridge over Nimitz.

You may be wondering what’s happening at…

Google the address, and you’ll see this.

But ‘tis no longer.
The property previously featured six units. We bet there’s an increase ahead.
But wait! There’s more!
The Locust at Garrison condo construction is topped off – we hope.
Whoops. This just in!
Ten minutes after we took that photo and wrote those words, another layer sprouted!
The Driftwood project, on Kemper near Vons, is beginning to resemble its rendering…

On Shelter Island Drive, Ketch is Koming…

The Red Sails folded and blew away.

A new building is taking shape.
But we are a little concerned that this sign remains.
Further out on Shelter Island, work on the boat launch ramp seems to be progressing nicely. We think. Not sure. Hard to know. Nobody’s telling.
To review, here are depictions of the past and the future.

But below is the PRESENT!
We’re not sure how it’s going to get from here to there before, perhaps... Labor Day?
Completion was originally promised by March. But there arose unforeseen delays involving chunks of stuff in the water that one would think could have been foreseen.

Here’s the official word from the Port when they revealed in January that work was just half done…

“During the excavation of the previous jetties, underground debris such as concrete and other pre-existing construction debris was discovered.  This was an unforeseen element and removing the debris has unfortunately led to delays in the construction schedule.” 

Their February update made no forecast for completion and consisted mainly of these words…
Bring the kids…hide the pets!
If you are – like gentleman James Buffett is – a person who thinks there’s just “Somethin’ Bout a Boat”, this may be your only alternative for bay cruising this season.
There is much more building underway. But that’s enough stuff for now. Our newsletter has a 30 foot height limit, though we usually push that by measuring from well above existing grade.
In our next issue (May 3) we will address the question, “How many budget hotels should we budget for?”
Peninsula Community Conversation
Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our lively event on Tuesday, April 17th at Portuguese Hall.
A panel of leaders from both sides of the hill and the Midway District shared news, asked of and answered questions from other panelists and the audience, and enjoyed a few laughs along the way
Patterned after casual breakfast meetings – hosted by PLA Vice-Chair Dave Martin – the program modeled what these leaders and others do monthly near the OB Pier… converse!
Two differences: The only audience for the early morning gatherings is seagulls, and Tuesday evening’s participants seemed slightly more awake.
Here’s the panel, posing for the yearbook.
Left to right (literally, not necessarily politically) 
Dave Martin PLA/Moderator, Don Sevrens PCPB, Clark Anthony Burlingame PLA, Marcus Turner OBTC, Denny Knox OBMA, Michael Swanston Midway Planning Group, Blake Herrschaft OBPB

City of San Diego District 2 Councilmember Lorie Zapf attended, mostly to listen.
She and Anthony George from Mayor Faulconer’s office fielded a few questions from the panel and took notes on “action items.” (great term)
Liaisons from County, State and Federal elected officials also chatted with constituents. (great word)
Many community organizations created table displays for the event.
Everyone enjoyed social hour with additional conversation plus terrific food from three fine Peninsula establishments.
The Point Loma Association hopes to host more of these events. The goals are connecting communities, creating collaboration and engaging more people in making our neighborhoods the best they can be.
Ooh! Look!
A Community Conversation
For the birds
Not much conversation, but totally free pizza!
Fresh Springtime Colors
Local artists, working with the Point Loma Association, continue to transform bland transformers into boxes of beauty.
Claire Halchak created these ocean waves at Worden and Voltaire.
Wendy Diedrick worked information into her illustrations on this utility box where Catalina and Chatsworth intersect.
Good work!          Thank you.          Enjoy!
Signs, signs, everywhere signs!

Last year’s Peninsula sign of the year was…
A strong contender to that title this year is…
The placard above looks battle-weary. But judging from the one below, they never retire. They just disintegrate.
Been to Jensen’s recently? Or Peet’s? Or the Wooded Area?
The old saying, "You can’t get there from here," comes to mind.
And if you’re frustrated, think about people living in the neighborhood where Talbot and Catalina collude.
Recognize this home?
It was a PLA Garden Award winner in November of last year…
Please! No messing with the pristine plants!

Relax. This snake won’t bite. Beyond this morning's sprinkles, there's little chance of real rain, so most likely it won’t even uncoil.
Here’s something to ponder. Which of these would you rather have parked in front of your house?
Fortunately, each is a temporary interloper.

Unfortunately, this relatively permanent sign seems impossible to take seriously.
Watch your step!
Where Am I? 
Nautical but nice.
This week, an easy one. Unless it isn’t.
As always, read to the end to discover the location.
PLA Directors
Today we focus on the “B’s” – Borcher & Burlingame.
Julie Borcher is Chair of our Public Safety Committee working to link PLA with local, state and national elected officials plus law enforcement. Keeping our community safe is the goal. Learning what’s being done and how we can help is the process.
Clark Anthony Burlingame, a guy with too many names, is our current PLA Chairman. He does a little of this and a lot of that. Come July 1st his reign as Chair comes to a close, and he and Vice-Chair Dave Martin will swap titles for the term ahead.
                    Julie                                  Clark

Click on the photos to learn more.  
In Memoriam

Donis Lovett, prominent member of the Point Loma Community and former PLA Board member, passed away on April 7, 2018.
Over many years, Donis participated in various organizations, church groups, theatrical productions, and activities ranging from tennis and windsurfing to book club. 

Donis chaired the Point Loma Association annual dinner in 2005.
Donis and her husband, the Hon. Mack Lovett, have been strong supporters of PLA.
Their daughters, Lauren and Nicole, decorated a utility box in front of The Living Room on Rosecrans near Talbot.
Donis Lovett will be greatly missed by her many friends.
We, at Point Loma Association, appreciate her contributions to our community and extend condolences to her family.
More information is here.
Withering Pines
As we reported in January, bark beetles kill pine trees, and years of meager rainfall leave our Peninsula pines vulnerable.

Once a tree looks like this, there’s little to do but watch it die.
Before that happens you might consider a proactive treatment – injections of an insecticide.
If you have a healthy pine and your neighbor’s is fading, getting rid of the deadwood is important.
The University of California has a lot more information.  

If you want to consult a local pro, we suggest PLA business member, Atlas Tree Service. 
                                                                             Click the logo.
Stealing Power
Street people are creative. Frequently they tap into irrigation pipes for water, or destroy sprinklers that threaten to soak them.
Electricity also seems readily accessible. Such was the case alongside the ramp from Nimitz Blvd. to Catalina/Famosa.
PLA Green Team members, tending public landscaping, spotted an extension cord in the dry vegetation – an obvious hazard.
Quick response by SDPD led to a gully cleanup by Urban Corps.
Now, more daylight, and greater transparency
Way to “get it done!” 
Our PLA newsletter chief photographer captured this picture at 7:15 am on April 11th, from the tip of Shelter Island.
It looks like a funnel cloud of fog. It was the second coolest thing he saw that day on his way into the monthly PLA Board meeting.

This guy is always the coolest, by far.
Pleasant fellow. Not flashy. A bit wooden, but he’s a good listener. And he can really keep a secret.
The Conrad

Point Loma Association salutes DPR Construction.
This Platinum level business member builds things. Big things. Not like three-story condo conversions. BIG things like, campuses for Qualcomm and Scripps Health, and this facility at the San Diego Yacht Club.

A current DPR project is taking shape in La Jolla. But it has a strong Point Loma connection.
Ladies and gentlemen, (baton tap-tap-tap) opening one year from today, behold… the new permanent home of La Jolla Music Society, The Conrad.
This performing arts center, located at 7600 Fay Avenue, will feature a 500 seat concert hall…

... a 2,000 square foot flexible performance center, and a large central courtyard…

It’s still a work in progress. Here’s the concert hall…

Below is the interior of the flexible performing space as viewed from the Juilet Balcony. And, we might add, this is the neatest construction site we’ve ever seen. Is that a La Jolla thing?
Branden Boysen from DPR is our connection. He’s one of our directors and encouraged the local division of DPR to join PLA.
Here is the Point Loma connection to the La Jolla project. The Conrad is named for the late Conrad Prebys, philanthropist and longtime Point Loma resident.
As you may have guessed, the full name of the venue is
The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center.
But people are lazy. We want things tweet-size. So for now it’s, “The Conrad.”
Of course you remember that Jack Murphy Stadium became, “The Murph.” When it morphed into Qualcomm Stadium, we called it, “The Q.”

We fear “The Conrad” may be too long and it soon could become, “The Con.” Egad.
That leads us to something unrelated. But we often follow a stream of consciousness (some would say, unconsciousness) with this newsletter. So hang on.
We are wondering...
Now that this…
Is becoming this…

Will this…

become this…?
What will the Stadium’s new nickname be?
Will people call it the “S”? Or the "SDCCU"? Nah.
We could call it the C-U, but that would sound like a school in Colorado. Go Buffs!

Okay. Now back to your regularly scheduled program newsletter already in progress.
The Midway District
How much do you really know about it? Here is a link to the fascinating history of this neighborhood.
This is good time to study the past, as the City Council prepares to vote on its future. If you are a stakeholder, save this date – just a week away.
Hope you saw this in…
Robert Jackson takes a trip to Catalina Realty
If you missed the news about our past chairman and current Membership Chair, Click here for the scoop.
Publishing today!

Ocean Beach
Where Land and Water Meet

Always a favorite!
Point Loma
Click the covers to learn more.
Lending Library Upgrade
You may have seen the Little Library on Gage Drive near Jennings in Point Loma. It’s an honor system resource for readers.
Take a book, return a book, take a book, return two. We assume that’s how it works.
Never tried it. But we might. Thanks to a convenient new addition.
Now the neighborhood library has an adjacent reading room, also taking, uh…donations.
Thanks to PLA member, and faithful proofreader, Ed Zell for this contribution.
Your Vote Counts for Cabrillo

The Cabrillo National Monument needs your help in obtaining a very generous financial grant.  


We are in the running for the All-in 4 Change grants offered by Harrah’s Southern California.  Awarding of the grants will be determined by votes cast by you, your friends, family and associates.  


Until 5pm on Monday, April 23, you can cast your vote for the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation.  


A grant would help us pursue our goals of bringing the wonders of the Park to disadvantaged youngsters throughout the County.  This will augment our already active EcoLogik Program and Every Kid in a Park pass.  Funding for all of these programs is the responsibility of the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation which supports and supplements the work of the National Park Service.

Please help us!  

No later than Monday, April 23rd cast a vote on-line for Cabrillo National Monument Foundation.


You must be 21 or older to vote and may vote only once.  

Where Am I?
The Answer
It’s not on the water, but it is near the water, and it’s about being in the water.
West Marine traces its history to a garage in Sunnyvale, California in the 1960s. It’s been a fixture on Rosecrans between Dickens and Carlton for 30+ years.
They seem to be doing well.
We hope one day they will join the PLA.
Archived we are!

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