July 12, 2018
Point Loma Community News & Events
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We are halfway through the year and into the peak weeks of summer – a perfect time to take another whack at regulating short term vacation rentals. (Next Monday)


Our world – locally and beyond – is heating up – literally and figuratively.

The end of traffic creep on Catalina has been pushed off another month.

And Cañon Street is again iffy for passage over the next few weeks.

Rosecrans at Nimitz construction is complete on the southeast side of the street. Now, work moves to the northeast corner.
In the long-term, motorists headed south will get a dedicated right turn lane onto Nimitz. In the short-term, we’ll all get more snarls.
Here’s how the City explains it…
To accommodate work in the early part of this phase, Ralphs Gas will be closed from July 9 - 13. It is anticipated that work will continue in this area for the next few months. Work hours are generally Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., although some night and weekend work may be necessary.

Residential roads are clogged with water main construction – an inconvenience, but  it's for long overdue infrastructure updates. A mixed blessing.

Got this in your neighborhood?
On a hot July afternoon (last Saturday), water flowing through this solar heated pipe into your “cold” tap, could scald you faster than that from your water heater!
And if that’s next to your curb now, it means this is coming to your block... be followed by this.

Let’s pretend we’re 7th graders on summer break! We've got nothin' to do but relax and have fun! Sigh.
“What do you wanna do?”
“I don’t know. You?”
“I don’t know either. Do you have any ideas?”
“Not really. Mom says read a book.”
“I’m bored.”
“Yeah. Summer is so boring.”
“Wanna watch the City Council debate STVRs on Monday?”
“Seriously? Wait! I got a better idea. Let’s check out the new fire station!”
Home at Last
With Hosebed Cover and Mattydales
Engine 22 turns into the driveway of its new home on Catalina Boulevard. Finally!!
In April, 2016, work began to replace the Point Loma fire station built in 1942. Crews demolished the old building in June of last year.
Occupancy of the new facility was optimistically targeted for February of this year. Realistically, move-in came toward the end of June.
The old station was quaint. The new one is modern and spacious. Surprisingly, everything is on ground floor. There is no second story. So…no fire pole! True.
The City’s Public Works Department assures us that the station is only 28’ tall and the “Verizon Tower” on the right is 29’6”.
Inside there are private bedrooms for 6 firefighters. With a single engine in the house, there are normally four fire fighters on duty. (We don’t like people checking out our bedroom, so we did not peek into theirs.)
This is the workout room. It’s still a work(out) in progress during move in.

Here is the day room, or bullpen…
Again, they're still moving in. Nobody’s called the decorator, yet.
Check out their kitchen!
Wonder if they make chili.
Three Divisions rotate on duty.
Each division has a refrigerator. One is for condiments.

Crew members chip in for chow, coffee and cable.
The outdoor signage is understated.
Could use a little more “pop”.
There is awesome decorative tile on the building. It’s hard to appreciate as you zoom by on Catalina. Take a walk someday

Remember the door on the old fire station?

Neither did we.

As a door, it was quite plain.

Foreboding even.
But for functionality and nostalgia, it is being reborn as a sturdy, outdoor picnic table. The legs are crafted from the beams of the old station house. Now that is really cool!
Left to right…
Capt. Tony Jeffreys, Engineer Dianne Karty,
Firefighter Joe Telaak & FF/Paramedic Thomas Huygens

PLA welcomes the crews to their new home! 
And we are proud to help personalize their shiny new engine with a sparkling new hose cover!
The old cover served well for about a dozen years and will be displayed inside the station. But new wheels deserve new accessories.
We also provided them with new Mattydale covers for each side of the engine. The logo on those salutes the Pointers of PLHS.
Did we ever explain what a Mattydale cover is and why it has that name?
The main hose, behind the cover on the back of the truck, requires attachment to a hydrant and considerable effort to activate. But the hoses under the Mattydale covers can be deployed rapidly.
A Mattydale lay refers to the manner of folding/storing hoses perpendicular, across the fire apparatus for quick release, as Capt. Tony shows.
The Mattydale lay was first used by firefighters in 1947, in Mattydale, New York. It was designed by Chief Burton L. Eno. (Personally, we wish they would have named it the Eno lay. Mattydale sounds like something to do with horses.)

So now you know that story.

Ribbon cutting for the new fire station is Tuesday July 24, at 9:00 am. Drop by. Take a look around, and impress everyone by ‘splaining the Mattydale lay.
More Good News!
Three Points of Progress
The first is about North Chapel at Liberty Station.
At the end of last month, it was scheduled to close for Sunday worship, weddings, and special events. But, there is a reprieve!
Deep into this recent column in the Union-Tribune, Logan Jenkins reports the chapel’s owners have not found a tenant for the space and will delay any change until year’s end!
Second piece of good news is, the billboard above the Dolphin Motel property is coming down. That was to happen this month, but the city is not issuing the demo permit until other paperwork is completed. We are sure it’s temporary, and soon we will see the transformation from “motel” to “boutique hotel.”
Monsaraz is just over the horizon!

Third! At the risk of leaving the best news until last – or “burying the lede” as reporters say – we can finally announce that the kinetic sculpture approved as a gift to the City through PLA will be installed in the Nimitz Blvd. median just south of West Point Loma Boulevard very soon.
We have the project permit and are arranging a date!

Stay tuned for details.
Click the pic to take Taiji for a spin!
Where Am I?
What / Who Am I?
Guardian of the Galaxy?
Or Cast Iron Castaway?

There's a clue up ahead. As always, the full story follows the news.

Ketch ya real soon!
Ketch is coming to Shelter Island Drive at the intersection of Anchorage Lane. We’ve been watching it take shape.
Opening of Ketch Grill & Taps is planned for this month!
Click here if you’d like an online look at the interior.
Got it done!
Friday, June 29th, Westminster Park, Mean Green Team – plenty of work to do! They got it done!

The park is part of the Westminster Presbyterian Church property on Talbot at Cañon.
At 9:00 am on that cloudy, cool day, 27 MGT members set out with a plan, group assignments, gloves, tools, and vests to tackle some tough projects.
Overgrown trees and bushes got summer haircuts.
Bougainvillea, too.

At the northern tip of the park, giant acacia trees take over the parking area at the Community Garden unless they’re whittled away.
Moy and the men from Total Green Landscaping fed clippings into the chipper and soon the area was green and clean.

Dog digs? Gopher holes?
Who knows? But there are lots of uneven spots in the big lawn.
Fill them in, and over time, running feet will glide, not trip.

The Green Team labor at the park was a gift from Carol and John Landis. At our PLA Gems and Jewels Dinner Party last fall, they bid on the team’s services. Rather than request the members work on the Landis property, they asked them to focus on the community park.

That’s Carol in the middle, posing with her grandson, Jack.


When work was done, Carol provided lunch for everyone!

Team Members Karen Davis and Stan Nadel share a pre-lunch laugh with Westminster Pastor Megan Cochran.
As always, PLA is proud of our Mean Green Team members who participate week after week – even when there is no free lunch!

In June, PLA contributed more than 220 hours of donated work, leveraging city services to improve our neighborhoods.

Thank you to volunteers from Westminster for joining the work party at their park, and to the church for joining the Point Loma Association. Teamwork keeps our community the best it can be!
A Change in Directors
Not in Direction
July 1st is the beginning of a new year for the Point Loma Association. This month we welcome several new Board members and say goodbye and thank you to others.
Our new Directors are…

Sandy Hanshaw

Jenica McClure

Jill Monroe

Tony Schroth

Click on their photos to learn more about them!

As noted in a previous newsletter, our officers for 2018-2020 are: Dave Martin Chair, Clark Anthony Burlingame Vice-Chair, Ted Walker Treasurer, Becky Wieder Secretary.
Leaving the Board due to term limits are Ted Kay and Kelly Mitchell.
Matt Kalla completed his term, and will continue as a business member and strong supporter of PLA.
Sarah Kelty, a dynamo who created PLA social mixers and played a key role in our Annual Dinner, has moved back to Texas where her husband has a new job.
Jim Canfield joined our Board in 2017 and began advising us on strategic planning. About the same time, his professional career exploded with the release of his book, CEO Tools 2.0. Jim is on the road every week now, booked for about 80 more speeches this year and into 2019. We hope Jim will volunteer with PLA one day down the road, when that road again leads him home. 
We have one opening on our Board. The Nominating Committee is considering candidates. If you are interested or have a suggestion, let us know

An Offer We Can Refuse?
If you’re in the AAA Club, you probably receive this magazine. It usually has interesting features from local and far-flung places. And they do a pretty good job of targeting information to local areas.
But this month, there is a full page promotion for something we are pretty sure will not excite Point Lomans or many other San Diegans...
An Offer We Hope You’ll Accept!
Soon, invitations will be in the mail to PLA members! Watch for yours in our printed Point Loma Association Annual Report arriving later this month.
Our Annual Dinner is open to everyone in the community – not just Association members.
Member or not, the easiest way to get a ticket is to click on the sunshine logo to the right.

If you’re not part of PLA, when you come to our party, have fun with many of your neighbors and hear about our plans and new projects, we hope you’ll be excited to join.


We are PLA. YOU are the Point!
Shades are the future!
Shades of the past…
Where Am I?
A Clue

A visual treat
At the crest of a hill
Where two Santas meet

Point Loma Association congratulates the Peninsula Youth Softball Association 12U Silver All-Star team...
2018 South San Diego District Champions!
Manager Manny Faria, Coaches Todd Cohen, Rich Gustafson, and Jeremy Young. 
Players: Anya Balderston, Reese Cohen, Jojo Collins, Claire de Merlier, Morgan Faria, Ava Gustafson, Georgia Kelly, Ella Riley, Natalie Sanchez, Claire Thurmond and Jazmine Ventura. 

The Peninsula Breakers 12U Silver team was undefeated in District play this year, something that has not happened in a very long time.
At the District tournament, played in Santee over Father’s Day weekend, the girls came from behind to win three qualifying games and reach the championship matchup. Then, down by five runs in that game, they battled back to claim the title in the bottom of the final inning with two outs and two strikes!
The team went on to compete in the State Tournament in Lancaster. As one of the moms summed up the season, “For all the coaches, parents and girls it was an experience of a lifetime and a memory that will be in the hearts of everyone involved.”
Learn more about Peninsula Youth Softball Association (PYSA) by clicking on the logo.
Public Safety Update
In our June 21st newsletter, we featured information about the SDPD Bait Bike Program. 
It targets habitual crooks who steal anything not nailed down, including bicycles that are locked or stored in garages. Bait Bikes are worth a bundle, and arrest for possession of one can bring jail time of 2-3 years.
Latest figures show 17 bait bike arrests since the program began in April!
Also, the SDPD Neighborhood Policing Division is a new presence in our area. Yesterday, officers talked with homeless people making themselves at home along Nimitz Boulevard.
We Know Art When We See It!
PLA is fortunate to work with talented local artists who turn drab utility boxes into distinctive artwork.
Linda Churchill beautified this quartet of boxes on Anchorage Lane near Shelter Island Drive.
Pretty clever and creative to incorporate the rich green box color with the other warm tones. Nicely done, Linda. Thank you!

Beverly Brady has been working on this big box on Catalina at Point Loma Avenue for quite a while.
Perhaps you’ve seen her on the job!
We have.
And we think we can read her mind…
It’s not like our artists must color within the lines. They just can’t obliterate the legalese.
It's beatutiful, Beverly!
(Speaking of legalese)

Orca Attacked By Sharks!
See the beautiful brightly colored whale, floating peacefully on the sea a swimming pool.
But look closely. It’s been attacked by sharks! By that we mean, it’s been “lawyered to death.”
We are not lawyers, or even actors pretending to be, but it seems that all this cautionary verbiage and signage states one simple thing. This lightweight, inflatable offers…

There is so much printing, because the four words are repeated in 25 languages and illustrated in cautionary photos and symbols.

Lest ye had any unreasonable expectation that a flimsy, difficult-to-ride balloon could come to your rescue in an emergency and save your life, forget it. This isn’t TV.

Apparently, the only thing that can save you is a lawyer.

Or at least lawyers can protect inflatable toy manufacturers from law suits.
We feel safer now. Enjoy the water. We’re interested in hearing how you explain all that writing to a four year old who glides up to you and asks.

July menus must include sweet corn! According to our Food Critic, you won’t find better ears than Jensen’s. These flavorful, plump kernels are grown in Brentwood, California, famous for corn, cherries and peaches. The corn goes real good with Jensen's tri tip beef or BBQ ribs.
Next Saturday (14th) Jensen’s presents their Taste of Summer. About 30 food vendors – many of them local – will offer fun and interesting things to sample. It’s free! 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Oysterpalooza at Jensen’s on June 30th was a huge success! They planned to shuck oysters to order from 10am-5pm. But they sold out of 720 fresh oysters by 1 o’clock! So they’ll do it again – six different kinds, $12 a dozen, mix & match – July 28th starting at 11 am.

And their biggest Charity Wine Tasting event to date is a week from today, July 19, Thursday, at the Thursday Club.
Here’s the scoop. Click the Flyer to get tickets.
Point Loma Summer Concert
Click the pic above for concert series details.
Click the logo below for more about the music.
Check out our PLA table August 17th for some great prizes and exciting news!
We'll tell you more in newsletters to come.
Ruth Varney Held
Ruth Varney Held was a treasure.
She was not a historian, per se, but she wrote about the Ocean Beach she knew growing up in the early 1900s.
Ruth's iconic book, Beach Town: Early Days in Ocean Beach to 1930, was published in 1975.
Some years later, our Senior Broadcast Reporter sat with Ruth for a live radio interview at the spot where she had attended the opening of Wonderland, the amusement park on the beach at the end of Voltaire Street on July 4, 1913.
Ruth was delightful – fun, sharp, enthusiastic – reliving the experience of Wonderland’s wonder as she had lived it 75 years earlier. “I was there, starry-eyed. I paid my ten cents at the booth between the fancy towers, drifted in, and gasped in awe,” is how she described the moment in her book.
Ruth Varney Held passed away in 1996. If you want to get her book today, you’ll need to buy a paperback on eBay or Amazon, or pester your son who borrowed your hard copy many years ago and kept it. Or you can listen to Ruth's granddaughter narrate Beach Town.
Today, not too many blocks from the original Wonderland Amusement Park, and across the street from the current Wonderland Ocean Pub, the Ocean Beach Community Development Corporation is redesigning the park at the foot of Saratoga Avenue, planning to dedicate it in Ruth Varney Held’s honor.
If you would like to learn more or offer input, attend the next Community Workshop from 6-8 pm, on July 26, at the OB Recreation Center at 4726 Santa Monica Avenue.
He’s not green or especially mean, but the Lorax would definitely be welcome on PLA’s Team.
The new stage production of the Dr. Seuss classic at the Old Globe in Balboa Park is fantastic for “kids of (most) all ages!”
Funny, poignant and timely, it’s true to the original story with a few new twists, great music, awesome staging and talented performances.
Where Am I?
The Answer

You are at the corner of Santa Barbara Street and Santa Cruz Avenue.
If you are Jon Koehler, you are home!

(No. That’s not Jon. More about this dude later.)
Jon Koehler has lived in his home for 23 years.
A lot has changed since 1995!
As a sculpture artist, Jon wanted to design a creative, inspiring landscape without going “too far over the top.” His family is the Koehler in Koehler Kraft boat builders. As a youngster, Jon played and worked often at their location on Shelter Island.
He says, “This gave me the opportunity to learn many things about the creative world and the ability to build just about anything I could imagine.”

“I remember being down on the docks and hearing the sailboat masts and the sounds that the rigging would make as they slap against the masts… clank-clank, tink-tink, ring-ring-ring like a rhythmic song. As a music lover I was inspired to make a chime fence surrounding my property.”

The chimes are perfectly tuned to an F chord – “two years of tedious but enjoyable work.”

Jon says passersby frequently strum the chimes, which is music to his ears – literally. Notice the life-like dog?


Oops. Sorry. That’s Scooby.

Keeping Scooby from wandering down the street was another inspiration for the fence and the whimsical gates.
Jon is not just an artistic designer. He builds all his own creations..
Every mechanism – including hinges, handles and latches – Jon built by hand.
The results are beautiful by day, and amazing after dark.
Jon worked with California SmartScapes to design landscaping that’s drought tolerant and water wise.

In the garden, Jon and his girlfriend, Sharalle, enjoy harvesting tomatoes and other current plantings as well as things that surprise-sprout from seasons past.

The Point Loma Association presents “Garden Awards” to residents who beautify their property for the enjoyment of all. Jon’s space is truly unique.

Past PLA Chair Patti Adams presents our first award of summer to Jon Koehler and Sharalle.
Then there’s this guy. A Heisman pose with a few missing parts. He is less Guardian of the Galaxy and more Cast Iron Castaway.
Some years ago Jon replaced a bathtub and had to cut up the old fixture to get it out of the house.

Most of us would look at the remnants as a pile of junk, too heavy for the dumpster.

Jon is an artist. He saw possibilities!
See more of Jon’s art here.
Congratulations to Jon Koehler and Sharalle on being the latest recipients of a PLA Garden Award, and thank you for bringing this unique place of beauty to our Peninsula!
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