May 3, 2018
Point Loma Community News & Events
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May Oui!
Chasing the clouds away, the sun awoke early today, promising to stay, ‘til it slips into the sea after dusk.
Gonna be hot this weekend!

But down the road, when May gray comes calling, brighten your day by remembering this is National Strawberry Month.
Here at Point Loma Association, we are planning new beautification projects and looking forward to our Summer Concert in the Park on August 17th and our annual PLA Dinner Party October 16th. Details to come!
And on top of all that, we’re buying a couple of new Mattydale covers! We know you’re as excited as we are about that, and we’re sure we’ll all be ecstatic when we find out what a Mattydale is, and why it needs covering. Guess we’ll just have to keep reading!
But we know for certain, “the future's so bright ya gotta wear shades!”
Green Team On The Go

Our hard-working volunteers donated 176 hours in March and 155 during April, keeping our community clean and green!
Point Loma Park is huge. It hosts Little League and Summer Concerts in addition to neighborhood kids of all ages looking to stretch their legs and chase their dogs.

Our Mean Greeners attack weeds, prune plants and pick up trash several times a year to keep the park inviting and safe for players and fans.
Tomorrow our team is on the go to Nimitz West. That’s the area around the Point Loma sign.  Join them if you like, or at least root (or toot) for them as you drive by!
And next time you do cruise past, notice the fresh paint and stain, preserving the wood and making our vintage PL sign “pop”!
Much appreciation for that goes to Bob Sherman, faithful “keeper" of the PLA signs. We gave Bob the elf name “Skipper” last December when he and elf “Sparky” (David Zedeker) decked the signs with colorful holiday lights.
Where Am I?
Along the scroll we’ll post more clues and reveal the answer after the news.
On our Point Loma Peninsula, dockless, rentable bicycles seem to mate and procreate.
Concurrently, personal, owned bicycles vanish – kidnapped to become transportation for crooks, parts and pieces for sale, or junk in the riverbed.
Bike thieves are tough to catch and hard to prosecute. Many bikes are worth less than $950 and cannot easily be traced. Stealing one is petty theft.
Bait Bikes are different. They might not look expensive, but each is worth more than $950. Each is equipped with a tracking device. Stealing one is a felony under State law. Bottom line…the program helps catch “bad guys.”
Thanks to funding through Councilmember Lorie Zapf’s office budget, Bait Bikes have arrived in our neighborhoods.

We’re betting actual Bait Bikes don’t display this sticker.
 Or…do they??

Voting on new Directors
Is May 9th

Here are the Candidates
Sandi Hanshaw
Sandy and her husband Andy have lived in Point Loma for 16 years and own two businesses in the Village area. The Wine Pub opened in 2009, and the Coffee Hub & Café in 2017.
Sandy shares her love of the area by promoting other businesses, donating to charities, throwing parties for local “heroes” – like the PLA mean Green Team – and welcoming Summer Concert volunteers to the Wine Pub following performances in the park. An annual fundraiser supports Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, and “Woofer Wednesdays” at the Pub benefit an animal charity.
Jenica McClure
Jenica is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Point Loma. She also sits on the Board of the Peninsula Family YMCA.
Jenica says people take pride in living and working on the Peninsula, “and it is wonderful in the constantly busy world that we are in that Point Loma has remained a community of people that work to remember the history while staying relevant and supportive of the community. Knowing that I plan on spending the rest of my career here, I would feel honored to be part of a group that does so much for our community and has active efforts to continue supporting it into the future.”
Jill Monroe
Jill is Director of Public Affairs at her alma mater, Point Loma Nazarene University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2007. Previously, she was on the Executive Team at San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency and worked on policy for two County Supervisors and Mayor Jerry Sanders. Jill is also a LEAD San Diego graduate. In her work experience she says, “I have seen every community in the region and can easily say Point Loma is my favorite. I have also had the opportunity to work with and observe a variety of community benefit organizations and can't think of one that holds a candle to the PLA in breadth and scope of services and opportunities for involvement.”
Tony Schroth
Tony is a union representative with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) which represents 1800+ workers in the cities of San Diego and Coronado. He has a degree from Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and passed the bar exam in New York in 2016. Tony is an outdoor person, and since relocating from the East, finds many more ways to enjoy the sunshine. He says, “My girlfriend and I have lived in San Diego for just over a year, and all of that time has been spent in the Roseville area of Point Loma. I love this neighborhood for many reasons. The people are a wonderful mix. The fishing community helps retain that "Old San Diego" feel, and keeps the community grounded. Everyone cares about the safety and wellbeing of their neighbors. Businesses are involved in the PLA and in the neighborhood at large.” He adds that his goal as a PLA Board member will be, “to preserve all of the things that I love about my community, while preventing my "neighborhood homogenization" fear from coming true.”
Voting on Board candidates is
Wednesday, May 9th, at 7:30 am,
at Bali Hai on Shelter Island.

All Point Loma Association members
are invited to participate.
Robert Jackson takes a trip to Catalina Realty 

Last week’s link to this article failed.
This one works, we’re almost sure.
Earth Day…Strawberry Month
Jensen’s Foods celebrated Earth Day April 22, by giving prizes to customers and collecting donations for the Point Loma Association! How super!
Thanks to all who participated, PLA has nearly $300 more to use toward our volunteer work in Peninsula neighborhoods.

May is National Strawberry Month.
Recently we noticed someone raving on Nextdoor about the plump, juicy strawberries at Jensen’s. The same day the berries are picked in the fields at Carlsbad, they arrive at Jensen’s on the Point!
Earlier, Adam Zack – Jensen’s co-owner – would load them into his car and chauffer them to the store! Now Jensen’s sells so many, the growers deliver.
(FYI Jensen’s prices are lower than the stands in Carlsbad.)

And these strawberries are fresh! They are not chilled like most supermarket berries, so they’re sweeter. But they also age more quickly. So when you buy them, enjoy them soon after!
Where Am I?
A Clue
Remind us again,
exactly what “they” are doing
on Rosecrans at Nimitz.
Okay. Hard to imagine, but this traffic mitigation project is the final requirement in the Liberty Station development!
No kidding.

City crews are creating double turn lanes north and south bound for vehicles turning left on Nimitz, and a dedicated right-turn lane to Nimitz from southbound Rosecrans.
Completion is expected by mid-summer.
Utility Box Art
We don’t believe this utility box was painted by a PLA contract artist. But it’s pretty! 

Have you seen it?
It’s in Roseville.
But it’s easy to pass by it and not notice, even with its bright colors.

It just doesn’t jump out at you.

In fact, if you’re not careful, you might trip over it!
PLA likes to plant trees
not cut them down!

We could save trees by sending membership renewal notices by email rather than snail mail. You could save the cost of a stamp! What do you think? If you have a strong feeling for or against the suggestion, let us know.

So far, it’s just an idea. But as we streamline our online interactions, using electronic communication and payment seems logical. Many people hardly ever write a check anymore. Of course, you could still do that. We would still accept it!
On the subject of trees, would you like a free one? The City of San Diego would like to give you one…if you promise to love and care for it. Not forever. You just need to water it for a few years.

Click here for a shortcut to the information. Read on if you’d like more inspiration or if you just want to kill time before lunch.
San Diego has an ambitious plan to fight climate change. Increasing the urban forest could help. In fact, growing a neighborhood’s tree canopy can make lots of things better – cleaner air, cleaner water, cooler temperatures, less noise, maybe even less crime. The City’s motto for the urban forest is, “Healthy trees mean healthy people!”
PLA works with the City on projects like roadway medians, planting trees and other vegetation to beautify and contribute to a healthier environment.
You too can partner with the City to add a tree to your neighborhood. Do it alone, or get together with your neighbors and add several trees within the public right-of-way.
The City’s Urban Forestry web page is a good place to learn more.
Where Am I?
Clue Two
We got your Mattydales covered!!
Good news! When Fire Station #22 takes delivery of their new engine and parks it in their new “garage”, it will proudly display the PLA-inspired logo and lighthouse design, just as the old engine has.
PLA is buying a new hosebed cover, like this one.

But wait, there’s more! We are also providing a pair of Mattydale covers! Yep.
Sure, they could put stock Mattydale covers on their Mattydale lays, but why would they?! That would be like rocking plastic license plate frames.
(We’re not even sure fire engines have license plates – or frames.)
Anyway, our firefighters deserve custom-designed Mattydale covers.
We certainly hope you’re not gonna ask, “What’s a Mattydale?” Really, we’re hoping you don’t ask, because we didn’t look it up. But if you click here, we’re pretty sure you can find out

When will the new facility open?

A better question is, when it does, will there be a party?!
According to a firefighter who is even more anxious than we are for the big day, “At the beginning of April, the foreman was saying May, but we think it will be more like June or August.”

We believe August sounds about right, since the original estimate was February.

We’ll let you know as soon as a date is announced. Of course, there will be a party! Or ribbon cutting. Or Mattydale laying. Or something. Stay tuned.
Urge for a Change?
Excuse me. Do you know there’s a giant dog on your roof?
Apparently they do. The dog comes and goes. We wonder why. Not why he comes and goes – dogs do that. We just wonder “why” in the larger sense.
Does having a giant inflatable dog on the building make passersby feel a need for an oil change? Or is he a “destination” attraction? “Daddy, daddy, when you get an oil change, can we go to the place with the big doggie?”
Do studies show that business goes up when the dog shows up?

Does doggie bring in more customers than the waving tube guy?
Or do they work as they a team?
We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about this. But a little.
Just as we wonder if having a person twirl a foam board sign on your sidewalk causes people to drop in to mail a package or buy a cell phone. Now a big inflatable dog, twirling a sign – that would be something.
How many budget hotels
should we budget for?
Wally Park used to be just over this bridge.

Now they’re building a hotel there.

It’s a Hampton Inn.
Must be a great time to be in the construction business. New buildings are sprouting everywhere, as we documented last month.

Although it’s across the channel from the area we usually consider Liberty Station, The Hampton Inn project is part of that community.
And that leads to our original question: How many hotels do we need? Can they all succeed? Perhaps the answer is yes. Maybe we need even more. We hope somebody did the research.
But just back over the bridge, on the other side of the waterway, we have a Homewood Suites next to a Courtyard by Marriott
Not just next to each other, they’re on top of one another! So close it must confuse folks.
This sure looks like a lot of lodging!

In case you’ve forgotten – one day soon the Dolphin Motel will disappear, to be replaced by Monsaraz. Cool.
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018,
Tony Calabrese will be at our
PLA Annual Dinner Party!

Where is Anthony celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Voila!
Where Am I?
The Answer
Woodworth Way

This intriguing, short, narrow lane hides in plain sight in the midst of a busy neighborhood, just one block southeast of Rosecrans Street.
Woodworth is a “Way” – way too narrow to be a road, by today’s standards

It's a throwback to yesteryear. 
A small sliver of NTC history.

Stopping at this spot, picturing service members walking here, decades ago, when they were young and the stairs were new, gives one pause.
Much of the original Naval Training Center has been removed, renovated, repurposed – remembered now mainly through black-and-white photographs.
It is a special, warm feeling to stand, at ease, in a place undisturbed by this century.
As to the photo we teased at the top. Here is a look at that building.
It is of this century, but you can tell that! The people who frequented this potting shed were also young – student gardeners from High Tech High. We’re not sure if it’s still in use. HTH classes now do their gardening on land adjacent to the golf course which is just beyond the turnaround at the northern end of Woodworth.

As to the second clue we provided you?
Below is the big picture.
The old Hotel San Diego sign may be resurrected as part of the Barracks Hotel planned for NTC barracks 4,5,18 & 25. The boutique Barracks Hotel is still in design and development. That’s the first time we’ve ever written the words “barracks” and “boutique” in the same sentence. Their aim is to be, “a bunk above the rest?" 
If you flip the hotel sign picture upside down (so it looks right side up), the sign appears to be resting next to a lake. Makes us dizzy.
Speaking of “flipping” – which can bring down big things – do you remember what happened to the Hotel San Diego?

Click the photo to discover why you can leave but you can never check out.
The hotel sign – saved by the NTC Foundation – now belongs to Paul Silvera, the owner of Scout, in whose backyard it is parked.

Have you been to Scout? Interior design, home staging, custom furniture, artwork, gifts, stationary – too creatively complex to describe in a few words. It’s definitely worth a visit.
If you’re meandering along Woodworth, you’re just steps away. Scout is celebrating their 6th anniversary this week. Can you believe it?!

And they are a Point Loma Association Business Member!

Soon, Scout will have something new to entice you in.
Café Chloe. We should have a PLA mixer at Chloe some warm, summer evening!

That's all for now. Let's play hooky this afternoon.
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