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Manders Automation works together with Solarus on innovations for their Hybrid Solar PowerCollectors™
Solarus produces revolutionary sun power systems with an energy efficiency up to 70%. This is a lot compared to the traditional sun power systems which have a maximum efficiency of 20%. Since 2015 Solarus’ headquarters and new production facility is situated in Venlo (Noord-Limburg). The company is at the crossroad from manual production to a fully automated production.
Solarus produces and sells Hybrid Solar PowerCollectors™. The PowerCollector™ does not only generates electricity but also hot water. See the overview below for the principle.


The core of the system is the “receiver”. This is an aluminum panel of 2cm. The solar panels are covered with a thick layer of transparent silicone gel on both sides. The aluminum panel has small channels in which the water or coolant flows. The liquid takes of the heat and transports this. The solar panels which are illuminated by the sun have a better performance because they are continuously cooled. On a sunny day they deliver up to 30 or 40% more electricity than the more conventional solar panels which are not cooled.
Solarus has asked Manders Automation to think along about a fully automated concept in which the “receivers” will be automatically produced. We have started the design and realization of a transport system for the silicone dosing. This transport system includes a line control system. The transport system has several product carriers on which the basic receivers will be placed. The dosing system applies the silicone layer on the receiver so the solar panels are completely poured in silicone gel.
Also we have started with the development of an automated installation for the gluing of profiles on glass panels.  
As a partner of Solarus we are very proud helping with this promising development. Working together step by step at an environment-friendly way of generating energy gives us the opportunity to contribute in a positive way.
For more information please check the Solarus website:


New CadCam software for our machining department.
Since last year our machining department is working with a new CadCam program. After using “Vector” for several years we have made the changeover to the more modern program “HyperMill”.
The great advantageous where decisive to choose for this new program; 

  • User-friendly

  • Reduction of programming time up to 50%

  • Very stable and therefore a high reliability  

Within the manufacturing department Manders Automation has one CNC lathe/milling machine with driven tools. Also we have four 3-axis milling machines with several measurements.

Manders Automation mainly produces proto types, therefore the manufacturing is for the most based upon single products. Because our CNC workers do the programming and machining themselves, we can program during machining time. In this way we have a very high efficiency. Importing the 3D files from our engineering department is quite easy, the macros which we use are ideal and therefore we can manage short lead-times.

Education possibilities at Manders Automation
At Manders Automation we have several trainees who follow their intern-ships with us. This can be at a practical level, MBO or HBO level.
To build proto types it is very important to have a well-educated staff. Every machine we design is different and we expect a lot of technical knowledge and a high self-reliance of our employees.
Our goal to start with trainees in the beginning of their career, is to educate enthusiastic technicians who have a chance to grow in there career within Manders Automation.
Rick Hermanussen is a classic example how a trainee can grow within our company to a full skilled colleague.
At this moment Rick is 22 years old, he started at Manders Automation in April 2014 as a trainee Machine building & Mechatronics level 3. During his intern-ship he build several machines/installations, of course all under guidance from an experienced employee of Manders Automation. He also had the experience to install machines in foreign country’s such as Poland & Germany.
This intern-ship suits Rick and Manders Automation in such a way that we decided Rick should have his final intern-ship with us as well. For his final intern-ship he assembled a machine with a 3D vision innovation.
After Rick successfully finished his level 3, he worked at Manders for the summer period. After that he started again as a trainee All-round Machine builder / Mechatronics level 4.
During this work and studying course, Rick worked on several projects, assembling machines, but also installing machines at the customer. He developed himself in a real
all-round mechanic. Rick graduated his level 4 with distinction and signed his contract at Manders Automation as a Junior Mechanic.

Rick Hermanussen:
Manders Automation is a nice company to work for. The job is divers and every day has new challenges. I work on a project from the start until the final installation at the customer.
I really like that I can work independently on a machine or installation and I have the responsibility for the quality of the machine. I also enjoy the various contacts with my colleagues, departments and customers. My ambition is to grow in a senior function,
I want to achieve this by attending further trainings and of course to arise more work experience.

Manders Automation wishes you a sunny summer holiday!

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