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For the past few years, I've been writing a weekly sewing round-up on the Closet Case Patterns blog. Despite sewing for a living, I never tire of reading as much as I can about it. I love seeing what people are making. Our community has always been at the very foundation of why I sew and why I make patterns. Staying rooted in that community keeps me inspired and gives me energy, and I'm excited to start transferring some of that inspiration and excitement to your inbox.

This is the first volume of the Maker Journal. Every other Sunday, I'll be sending you the best sewing projects, tutorials, and news from around the web, along with a few non-sewing related things that are tickling my fancy, and some of our favorite Closet Case makes. I'll also catch you up on what's happening on the blog. Last week I shared my most recent make, a gorgeous wine coloured Sophie Swimsuit which I wore for days at a time on my vacation in France. I also shared some inspiring pictures I took at the Dior exhibit I visited in Paris. I was practically in tears to be surrounded by so much craftsmanship and am thrilled to have so many images to share with you.  

Happy making!

All my best,
Heather Lou

ps. At the end of each journal, we'll be including indispensable sewing hacks and we need your help! If you've got a must-share sewing tip, submit it here; twice a month we'll pick our favourites to share. If we choose your tip we'll send you one of our PDF sewing patterns as a thank you!



Sewing ...

Ever considered applying for Project Runway? There's a new design show casting designers in Canada and the US!

Karen made her first pair of pants and they're basically all I want to wear on my bottom half right now.

I love the little hacks Melissa made to her jeans to make them more cycling friendly.

Jasika always inspires me with her enthusiasm and willingness to try anything. Her shoe-making journey has been fun to watch; love these clogs!

I recently started collaborating with my friend Amy on posts for our blog. Her tutorial for sewing a rope bag would be even more incredible using this scrap fabric twine.

Joost launched his free pattern site; patterns in the library are custom built using your measurements!

A great how-to post on the Spoonflower blog for making our Charlie Caftan; their new gauze substrate is so pretty!

Such a pretty Asaka Kimono from Amanda. I still wear my floral rayon Asaka all the time.
This checklist from Cashmerette could be really helpful if you're having trouble fitting a garment.

A fab tutorial from Meg at the Curvy Sewing Collective on converting a t-shirt to a ruched drawstring top.

Kristine from A Verb For Keeping Warm tells us all we need to know about indigo on the Fringe Association blog.

Learning ...

This post from Tilly on achieving your goals got me hooked on the Pomodoro method for tasks I'm procrastinating on. The Focus Keeper app has been a godsend.

Watching ...

I've been a big fan of Shirley Kurato for a while. She's a master of colour, and this video about her daily uniform is beautiful.

Listening ...

I am so excited about the new Love to Sew podcast from Helen and Caroline. They have great chemistry and I was really impressed with the production value. Can't wait for more episodes!

I've been compulsively listening to the How to Be Amazing podcast, and Michael Ian Black's interview with Tim Gun was total podcast magic.

Instagram ...

Amy Sedaris has a new show coming out and their instagram account is driving me crazy with anticipation.

Reading ...

Another fascinating "State of the Blog Industry" from Grace Bonney at Design Sponge. The sewing blog world seems so greatly removed from the larger blogging community (I rarely if ever see sponsored posts) but I'm sure that will change with time. I've been considering brand partnerships on the Closet Case Patterns blog so I was interested to read what she had to say.
Subscriber only discount!

I'm always on the hunt for great sewing gadgets and love the simple but clever tools in the Luna Grafix Etsy shop. I use my seam allowance ruler all the time (perfect for patterns that don't include them!) and this pant top-stitching guide is genius. Claire kindly offered our subscribers a 20% discount in her shop - just  use CLOSETCASE20 at checkout!

Lauren made psychedelically tropical Carolyn Pajamas; I think these pretty much guarantee wild dreams!
Charlie x Charlie! Our pattern namesake made a glorius geometric caftan. Hearts for eyes!
Mary Alice made one of my all-time favourite Sophie Swimsuits. Curvy pin-up goodness.

When rethreading your sewing machine, always snip the thread at the spool and pull it out from the bottom. Pulling the thread out from the top is hard on the machine and can create problems with tension.

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