GatewayJFK (formerly known as the JFK IBID) is where logistics and cargo, hotel, food service, retail, other industries, and a lively community, call home. We are a Business Improvement District in Southeast Queens that is home to over 600 businesses and 150 single family households. Our mission is to create a space in New York where the air cargo businesses can expand, thrive and be a good neighbor.
On the move: GatewayJFK moves to new office

On September 1st GatewayJFK relocated to a new office on 148th Avenue, across the street from the DMV.  The new office is nearly twice the size and will allow visitors to park in a public lot across the street. With the new office space GatewayJFK is now ready to expand as we provide more services to the community and grow our programming.

The new address is 167-43 148th Ave. # 203 Jamaica, NY 11434 and as always you can get in touch with us via email at and online at
GatewayJFK Elects First Board of Directors & Outlines Plans at Annual Meeting 
On June 14, 2018, GatewayJFK held its first Annual Meeting at the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce building in Springfield Gardens. Over 70 people were in attendance from public officials to local community leaders.  At the meeting, Commercial Property Owners, Residential Property Owners, and Commercial Tenants voted to elect 20 local stakeholders to be GatewayJFK’s first official Board of Directors. Eleven of the new Directors were elected to serve a two year term, and 9 were elected to serve for three years.
Executive Director, Scott Grimm-Lyon started the meeting with a presentation about GatewayJFK; explaining to the audience, "Who We Are & Where We Are Going!” Grimm-Lyon gave an overview of the upcoming plans for the new Business Improvement District.  He emphasized the importance of understanding the uniqueness of GatewayJFK, the relationships of the residents and commercial owners and how coming together and working together is essential to the success of the District.

Grimm-Lyon encouraged people in the District to use GatewayJFK’s Quality of Life portal and demonstrated how everyone in the District can report issues and concerns at  Problems reported on the website will be addressed directly by the Executive Director and City agencies on behalf of GatewayJFK. 

GatewayJFK announced it had issued three Requests for Proposals (RFP), and is seeking contracts for transportation planning services, audit services, and maintenance & sanitation services. The Transportation RFP will address traffic and safety, and Grimm-Lyon reported that it was getting a great response from interested firms. The Maintenance & Sanitation RFP will seek improvements in trash and litter removal to keep GatewayJFK clean. 

At the end of the meeting, all those in attendance were asked to select a banner design for the Banner Sponsor Program that will mark the boundries of the district as well as promote the local businesses and community resources within GatewayJFK. So keep an eye out, Banners will be popping up around the District real soon.

The GatewayJFK Annual Meeting was a tremendous success and everyone was pleased with the overall goals and objectives.  For details on upcoming events and progress reports on current initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact, Executive Director Scott Grimm-Lyon at

You can see the names of the Board of Directors on the GatewayJFK About Us page on our website at

Reported by Sadiqa Codrington
Photos by Sadiqa Codrington & SSSe, Inc. TEAM
Beautification Committee Selects Banner Design for District

Based on the results of a close vote at the GatewayJFK Annual Meeting the Beautification Committee of the GatewayJFK Board of Directors decided to combine the top two designs and approve a banner for the district that reflects our ties to JFK Airport, the logistics community, and our residential community members.

Banners will be put up along Rockaway Blvd. as a way to define the boundaries of the District and brand the area as GatewayJFK. Based on traffic estimates we predict that 57,000 people will see the banners each day as they travel through the District.

The cost of the banners will be supported by sponsorships. Sponsorships will last for one year, and will cost $1,000.00 per pole, or $750.00 if a sponsor is interested in supporting 3 or more poles.

For information on how you can become a sponsor contact Scott at 631-741-8619 or
Lives in GatewayJFK

By: Sadiqa Codrington   

The Summer Months are upon us and it is so important to keep an eye on our elders during these extremely high temperatures.  Everyone needs to stay cool during the summer.  So, it was nice to see children playing in their front yard, with super soakers, buckets and pails filled with water. 
As we were visiting my mother, my son, Gerald and I stopped by the neighbors.  Mr. Jeffries, a resident owner in the community for over 35yrs and Ms. Karen another long time resident were outside with the kids enjoying all the fun.  A couple new neighbors along with Mr. Jeffries & Ms. Karen were keeping a safe watch over the kids as they played. Although we were not ready to play in the water, we almost got drenched just talking to everyone having a good time.
"One of the main things we have to be careful about are the trucks as they drive by, they go by really fast and it is so dangerous for the kids,"  said Ms. Karen with concern for the children’s safety.
Later that same day SpringJam had a monthly meeting.  A few residents from the community attended.  I was able to catch up with Mr. Jeffries after the meeting to walk back home.  When we came up 159th Street we saw the neighborhood kids playing basketball with some of NY's Finest.  We tried to get a picture before the game was over, but duty called and they had to leave.  Luckily, a representative from one of the businesses in the District witnessed the moment with us and we were able to capture the end of the game.  
A few of the youths in the community expressed that it was great to have a spot to shoot some hoops and they enjoyed playing basketball with the police officers.  The young kids were happy and looked optimistic knowing that businesses in the District are making it possible for them to have a safe space to play.  Everyone agreed to take a quick picture after the game.
Mr. Jeffries pictured in the middle is a constant fixture in the community - always looking out for his fellow neighbors, especially the youths.  Mr. Jeffries and I continued on our way back home and talked about the importance of not only looking out for our youths but our elders as well.  We have neighbors that have lived in our community for over 30-50yrs.  Some of them rarely get a chance to come out their homes due to health limitations or disabilities.  I wanted to hear from our elders, The Legacy Legends we like to call them.  In the near future, Mr. Jeffries and I will continue to follow-up on a few Legends in our community.
Until then I figured, my mother Barbara Codrington, would be a great resource to start with getting some input from a Legacy Legend's point of view.  Mrs. Codrington has been living in GatewayJFK for over 33yrs.  She raised her children and was married for 42yrs to her husband Gerald Codrington, who recently passed away in 2016, he was 80yrs old.  I asked my mother, does it get lonely without Dad and what does she do to keep active and busy in between visits from her grandchildren and adult children?
Barbara, now 80yrs young looked at me and laughs, she said she never gets a chance to be alone and she is always busy!  The only thing is that she doesn't drive and it would be great to have easy access transportation in addition to the public buses and access-a-ride.  She added that, "we seniors ('Legacy Legends') are still active and lively.  We want to maintain our independence as long as possible!"  
When I asked, what do you like to do, would you like trips to the movies, restaurants, the malls, grocery, casino, etc.?  She said, "Of course...without having to depend on everyone else's availability and schedules! Barbara also likes to keep up her garden, but aches and pains prevent her from tending to her front and backyard work the way she previously did.
So based on the overall feedback from our resident community, GatewayJFK has some work to do to keep the kids safe from speeding traffic especially from the trucks and continue to maintain safe “Children At Play” areas, like basketball courts with good lighting in those secured areas.  As for our Legacy Legends they still want to be a part of the community and still feel independent.  They want to be included with dignity​​ and feel safe at all times.      
“Our Community's Voice" will be an ongoing column in the GatewayJFK Newsletter.  We want to highlight the experience of residents and workers in our community.  If you would like to tell us your story please contact us at
GatewayJFK Seeks Licensed Flag Rigger

GatewayJFK is seeking proposals for a light post banner production, rigging and maintenance contract.

For details on how to apply for the contract please see the
Request for Proposals page at
Report a Quality of Life Issue Now!
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