FestFlash of the European Festivals Association (November 2015)
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Festival highlights from across the globe

What do Kenya and South Korea have in common when in comes to arts and culture? What do you know about the festival scenes in Shanghai or in Tel-Aviv? What about the contemporary dance scene in Spain? Our Festival Bytes bloggers take you on a festival journey around the globe! What's more, we invite you to discover EFFE's autumn festivals taking place across Europe at

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South Korea and Kenya: two kids from the same class

[By Liz Kilili] During the Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Gwangju, organised by The Festival Academy, I was privileged to visit some really amazing places and events including the Opening Festival at the newly constructed architectural marvel, the Asian Culture Complex (ACC). Kenya and South Korea have many things in common; I’d say if South Korea and Kenya were kids they would be in the same class. It was interesting to note that on the same night that the Asian Culture Complex was opened, the newly refurbished ultra-modern Kenya National Theatre was re-opened. Continue reading!

New Routes of the Silk Road

[By Ceyda Berk-Söderblom] As an Izmirian, coming from the coastal region of Anatolia, I am not unfamiliar with the stories of ancient heroes and their travels: Homer’s Odysseus, the Persian messengers described by Herodotus, or the traders of the Silk Road. Could this 2000-years old ancient road today still be an oasis of culture for the countries in Europe, Asia and Africa? This was the main topic of the forum and round-table talks on “Art Festivals in Countries along the Silk Road” that took place in Shanghai, China. This triggering event, in my opinion, was one of the most interesting gatherings organised as a part of the 17th China Shanghai International Arts Festival. Continue reading!

Experiencing movement in Spain

[By Eva Nunes] For many the perfect summer holiday involves soaking up on vitamin D on a relaxing spot with nothing to do but enjoy a good rest in good company. Imagine when you can top that by adding to the warm sun and calm sea the chance to soak up on vitamins T and G (and I don’t mean Torulitine and Riboflavin nor Tequila and Gin!). And that’s precisely how I spent my holiday, soaking up on (T)alent and (G)enerosity! Talent of creators like Guillermo Weickert, La Macana, María Muñoz (Mal Pelo), Elías Aguirre or pianist Alejandro Rojas Marcos. Generosity of a very engaged team, led by Nerea Aguilar, director of Costa Contemporánea, who, for the 6th year, ensures the professionalism and quality of a festival which creates a community filled with life in this far corner of Spain with very little means but a lot of heart! Continue reading!

What you should know about Tel-Aviv’s festival scene

[By Premshay Hermon] September marks the end of summer and beginning of autumn events in Israel. Temperatures slowly decline beneath 30°C and the holiday season is in full swing. Around the country people pack their children and travel near and far to one (or more) of the many festivals flooding the countryside, ranging from folklore carnivals and traditional crafts happenings to fringe theatre and sacred music festivals. One might expect the biggest and boldest festivals to take place in Tel-Aviv, the vibrant capital of culture and creativity in Israel and a popular tourist destination, thanks to its long beaches and sparkly atmosphere. Is this really the case? Let’s go on a tour of the Tel-Aviv festivals scene and find out. Continue reading!

La Bella Vita

[By Irma de Jong] The Lago Maggiore, nice weather, concerts in historic and stunning settings, good food and fantastic wines; the “Settimane Musicale” had enough to offer! This year, national musicians where dominating the impressive list of concerts and recitals, possibly due to recent more complicated budget regulations of the Italian Government. It looks like more than ever festivals need to join forces to engage their artists. Stresa Festival offer their musical encounters inelegant and historic settingsContinue reading!

What I Heard About The (Arts) World*

[By Eva Nunes] What I Heard About the (Arts) World shares with you some creations, projects, ideas or festivals that inspired us and hopefully you, as an audience and as human beings. Festivals are always making it possible to give creators the opportunity to develop their work and challenge themselves and audiences to access great original work. Recent highlights we heard of include: Europalia Arts Festival, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Reykjavik Arts Festival, George Enescu Festival, LUCERNE FESTIVAL, Berliner Festspiele, Brno International Music Festival, MITO SettembreMusica, Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre, Gent Festival van Vlaanderen, and Costa Contemporánea. As they say: so many festivals, so little time. Continue reading!

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