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April 2016

NorthEastern Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System

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Angie VanDeHey


CAD 2.9 Upgrade

Well, we did it again! We've made it through another upgrade. The CAD 2.9 upgrade was done on Tuesday, April 5th. A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved. Work is still being done on a couple of outstanding issues. If your location is having significant difficulties related to the upgrade, please contact Lisa Johannessohn.

SHIELD RMS Ordinance Workshops

Last month, we shared Ordinance Workshop dates with you. Another session was added for May 19th at the Virginia County Public Works Computer Lab from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Please contact Angie VanDeHey to register or if you have any questions.

Remember that the first hour will be for training on ordinances. The rest of the session is set aside for you to make any needed updates or additions to your agency's ordinances. Once the updates or additions are done, you are free to leave the workshop.

If you are already registered for a workshop, please bring your worksheet listing the changes/additions you need to make.

Web SHIELD Progress Update

The last status meeting was held on Wednesday, April 6th. The project team viewed the new Launchpad and the Case/Incident Search window, along with the Case/Incident Search results. Scrolling, hyperlinking, and new colors, oh my!

The next steps are to create a test environment on the St. Louis County network and migrate the updated Property and Person/Entity Search and Maintenance windows. Once those steps are complete, the project team will get to test the prototype and offer feedback.  

CJIIN Redesigned eForms

CJIIN went live with their redesigned eForms on April 13th. The go-live was delayed a week to allow CJIIN to work through some bugs and add more enhancements. The new design is much simpler and more user-friendly.

Constellation, Courtview, CJS: Who's Who and What's What?

You probably know that our vendor for DAMION, SHIELD RMS, and JMS is Courtview Justice Solutions (CJS).Did you know that CJS's parent company is Constellation Software Inc., one of the largest vertical market software companies in the world?

What's vertical market software, you ask? Vertical market software addresses the needs of a specific industry or market. Examples are public safety or public utilities software. The opposite of vertical market software is horizontal market software, which can be used across a wide variety of industries. Examples are word processing or spreadsheet programs.

Mark Leonard is the founder, president and chairman of Constellation Software Inc., and he's a bit of a mystery. Here's a link to an interesting article about "Constellation Software's elusive CEO." 

If numbers are your thing, here's a link to Constellation Software Inc.'s information on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They list Constellation Software Inc. among the most effective companies in its industry at turning revenues into bottom line profits.

Tips & Tricks

With the increase in heroin overdoses, the odds are good that you will be asked, if you haven't already been asked, to provide statistics on overdoses in your jurisdiction. Adding the 9000 code of 9732 (Heroin Overdose) as an Activity/Offense will help you count and identify these cases. There are two other overdose codes available as well, 9734 (Other Drug Overdose) and 9733 (Synthetic Drug Overdose).
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