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April 2017

North East Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


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Angie VanDeHey


TriTech Inform CAD

St. Louis County kicked off the TriTech Inform CAD project on April 18th. The project team spent three days with a business analyst and a TriTech project manager to review business practices and processes. During the kick-off, TriTech also provided an overview of how each new product will be implemented. Based on the information provided by the team during the kick-off, TriTech will begin to build the new CAD system.

The next steps are the installation of the new Public Safety Network hardware and DOLF (Demonstration of Licensed Functionality), which is when the team will see the new CAD system, learn how it works and make modification requests. The installation is slated to occur the first week of May, and the DOLF is scheduled for July. 

Web Shield Update

Eveleth PD and Proctor PD have started using Web Shield. Development is underway for the in-squad version of Web Shield as well. The project team got a first peek at the in-squad version on April 26th. There is a new feature called Smart Search that displays the most relevant information with less digging and even fewer clicks than the Quick Search feature in the Web Shield RMS version. If your agency is interested in Web Shield, please contact Stacy Andrews.

LETG Charge Import Change

Due to a recent enhancement request, the order that charges are imported into Shield from LETG has been changed. Previously, the charges were sorted first by FBI Crime Category and then by level of offense. Now, the charges will be sorted by level of offense first and then by FBI Crime Category. With the BCA's current system, only the offense listed as ISN01 will be sent from the BCA to the FBI.

In the future when offenses are reported via NIBRS, it will not matter which ISN number is assigned to an offense because up to ten offenses per ICR will be sent. However, it will still be best practice to list the most serious offense as ISN01.

Tips & Tricks

Here's a tip for the BCA's new eSearch Warrant. If you are looking for Facebook or Snapchat information, the location of the search is outside of Minnesota. In order to document this in eSearch Warrant, list the business address in the Description of the Premises field and add a tagline of "Also doing business in St. Louis County, State of Minnesota."
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