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October 2016

North East Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


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Have you ever wondered just what your next steps are when submitting eCitations?
  • If the citation is a payable, there is nothing left for you to do unless prosecution requests a referral.
  • If the citation is a mandatory, the next step is to provide the report to the Courts by eFiling it via EFS after the citation has been accepted.

BCA Criminal Justice Information Users Conference

The conference was held on September 27-28th in St. Cloud. The following topics were covered:
  • Biometric Identification Services
  • Crime Reporting
  • Criminal History Background Checks
  • Criminal History Guide
  • Criminal History Sealing and Expungements
  • Criminal History Suspense Overview
  • Data Practices
  • DVS and BCA Appropriate Use
  • DWI eCharging
  • eCharging
  • FBI's New CJIS Security Policy
  • Gun Permit Background Checks
  • Investigative Tools & Resources
  • Local Agency Security Officers
  • Media Training
  • Minnesota Fusion Center
  • Missing Persons/Brandon's Law
  • N-Dex & LEEP (Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal)
  • New Criminal History System
  • Nlets
  • Officer-Involved Shootings
  • Orders for Protection
  • Predatory Offender Registry
  • Security Awareness Training & Certification
  • TAC Essentials and Audit Process
If you missed the conference, or even if you went to the conference, and want more information on the topics covered, check out the BCA's nexTEST-CJIS Testing Launchpad. The documents can be found under MNJIS Documents and are labeled as 2016 Users Conference Presentations and Handouts.

Web SHIELD Update

The project team met with CJS on September 14th and 29th and October 12th to discuss the status and progress of the project. The following windows are complete and ready for testing:
  • Statute/Ordinance Search window
  • Property Involvement window
  • Chain of Custody window
  • Property window
  • Summons window
  • Incident Report Search window
  • Person Caution window
  • Super Search window
  • Team Member Navigator window
  • Team Navigator window
  • User Navigator window
  • Profile Administration window
  • Shield Session window
  • General Lookup Code Maintenance window
  • Notification windows
  • Referral Submission window
  • Court Order/Warrant window
A Cancel Query feature has been added, which will allow you to cancel searches that are taking longer than expected without having to close the entire application and restart. Another great feature is the ability to import open PDFs into Media. If a PDF is already open and you click the Scan button, the system will alert you that a PDF is already open and will give the option to import it into Media or ignore it.

Drug Paraphernalia Statute Change

As reported in a previous newsletter, over 500 statutes were modified as of August first. The drug paraphernalia statute is a commonly used statute that has changed. The new statute is 152.092(a).

Tips & Tricks

Have you ever found an LETG citation that came over into SHIELD with the wrong ICR number? Click on the button below to learn how to fix it!
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