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October 2017

North East Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


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No Middle Name or NMN

The Courts hosted a WebEx session about the changes to the Standard Citation. If you missed the WebEx, it can be viewed online at this address:

Two things that were discussed during the WebEx involved person names. If a citee does not have a middle name, do NOT put NMN in the Middle Name field. Leave the middle name field blank. Also, if a citee has a suffix like Jr. or Sr. in their name, please make sure the suffix is entered in the Suffix field and not the Middle Name field.

Web Shield Release 20

New updates were released to Web Shield on October 12th. This release included multiple enhancements for the Evidence/Property Project and some bug fixes. One new feature to look for is on the Case/Incident window. There is now a field labeled Final Court Dispo. Date. Once we receive a final disposition date via the Court Notification interface, this field will populate. It's a quick way to know whether the case is still pending court action or if it is complete. The new field is located right above the CAD Disposition and CAD Comment fields.

DAMION New Release

Testing is underway on the latest DAMION enhancements. Once testing is complete, more information about release dates to production will be sent to DAMION agencies. A few of the most exciting features are a Smart Search field on all modules, a new Civil File Query, and a feature in Ad Hoc Reports called Context Sensitive List of Tables. This Ad Hoc feature will reduce the number of times you see the "Tables have no common keys" message when creating new reports.

Tips & Tricks

Occasionally you want to have a closer look at something on your computer screen. Yes, sometimes there's a zoom feature, but did you know there's a keyboard shortcut too? Next time you need to zoom in on something, try pressing the Windows button and the + (plus) key. Use this shortcut as many times as you need. When you're ready to zoom back out, press the Windows button and the - (minus) key.
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