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November/December 2017

North East Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


CJS Help Desk:

St. Louis County IT Help Desk:


Media Item Name

A media item name can now be updated in Shield RMS. Previously, the name could not be modified at all. If a change was needed, the media file would need to be deleted, the media item name would need to be deleted, then another media item name would have to be created and the media file re-uploaded.

Now, to modify a media item name, simply make your changes and Save.

eDisclosure Project

The St. Louis County Attorney's Office eDisclosure Pilot Project went live the week of November 28th. The project allows prosecutors to electronically share discovery packages with defense attorneys. A limited number of attorneys from the Sixth Judicial District Public Defender's Office is also participating in the pilot. After the initial pilot phase of the project, eDisclosure will be made available to more attorneys.


On Wednesday, December 13th, all NEMESIS Prosecutors were updated from DAMION version to version There are too many new and updated features to list, but here are a few of the most exciting ones.
  • Smart Search - DAMION Prosecutor now has a Smart Search field on the Launchpad in the Civil, Criminal, Investigation, and Victim Witness modules.
  • Hyperlinking - Hyperlinking features have been added in many areas of the application.
  • Context Sensitive List of Tables - This is a feature in Ad Hoc Reports that will only allow you to select elements from tables that can be used together in the same report.

Court Notification Enhancements

Work will soon begin on the next round of enhancements to the Court Notification Interface. This is the interface that sends court data directly into Shield RMS. Soon you be able to search for court information by citation number, view disposition information on OFP cases, view criminal case information in summary form rather than clicking on multiple tabs, find appellate court information, and receive automatic notifications on eCitations, Referrals, and Court cases. Notifications will be available in Shield, but may also be sent via email. These notifications will keep you up to date on any changes on a specific or multiple ICRs, warrants or hearings. You will be able to subscribe to as many or as few notifications as you wish to receive.

Tips & Tricks

BOOSTER or B00STER - can you spot the difference? It might not look like much, but there are consequences when the letter O is replaced with the number 0. The O and 0 keys are close to each other on a keyboard, so typos can happen. However, if you search for JOE BLOW in any database, you will not find any records that were entered as J0E BL0W. A clean-up is underway to change any Shield RMS Person Records where O has been substituted with 0.
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