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May 2016

NorthEastern Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


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Angie VanDeHey


Gilbert and East Range Site to Site VPN Connection

As of April 22nd, the Hoyt Lakes Office of the East Range Police Department has connectivity to St. Louis County and CJIIN via Gilbert Police Department's VPN tunnel. This means East Range and Gilbert Police Departments can access Shield, CJIIN, CAD WebQuery, etc. without each person in the office having to log on to the VPN. East Range's Aurora Office and Gilbert can also connect to the state for access to PSPortals, eCharging and MyBCA. East Range's Hoyt Lakes office was scheduled to have state access during the last week of April.

Plans are in the works to route Eveleth Police Department and possibly Eveleth's Fayal Office through Gilbert's VPN for county and state access.

Statute, Ordinance and 9000 Code Requests

Just a reminder that all requests for statutes, MOC codes, ordinances, general lookup codes or 9000 codes should be routed through the NEMESIS website. Even though the website is under construction, the code request forms are still available. Go to, click on the Code Request link, complete the form and click Submit.

If it's been a while since you logged into the website, or if you've never logged into the website, contact Stacy Andrews at or 218-336-4384. She will reset passwords and add users to the website.


More than 95% of the time, our eCitations go through without a hitch. Occasionally, servers are taken down for maintenance and we don't get the correct status back from the Courts. You'll be able to spot these citations quickly because you'll see either of these errors - "Citation cannot be updated in 'FiledWIthCourts' state" or "Citation cannot be updated in 'AcceptedByMNCIS' State". When this happens, change the first status in the E-Citation Status block located in the bottom left corner of the E-Citation Submission Window to Pending Court (PC) and save the change. The interface will then go out and pull in the correct status for your eCitation and add the court case file number and filed date to the Summons Window.

Web Shield Project Update

The last status meetings were held on April 20th and May 4th. The Project Team was able to view the Launchpad with new icons. CJS also gave a demonstration of the new license plate and phone number search capabilities.

CJS is using a new version of Oracle Forms (12c instead of 11g) to build Web Shield. This new version offers them more tools for development and eliminates the need to run Web Shield on a browser. What does that mean for us? If Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox announce they will no longer support Java, Web Shield will not be affected.

One of the amazing changes is that the Person Search screen is much cleaner with just the essential fields (name, DOB, race, gender and ID) available. This leaves room for the results on the same tab. Don't panic though! If you need to find all of the ambidextrous, blonde, green-eyed males with glasses in SHIELD, you'll still be able to do this through an Advanced Search.

Another great feature is that if there's a booking photo attached to the records that match your search, you'll be able to see it right on the search results screen. Click on the photo and you'll get all of the booking photos on file, including historical and profile photos.

The prototype will be available for the project team to view and test in the coming weeks.

Shield RMS/JMS Training Database

The training database for Shield RMS and JMS is now available. The information in the database is current as of May 3, 2016. To connect, select the SHIELD_TRAINING option at the login window and use your current production password.

If you receive a TNSNAMES error when attempting to sign onto the training database, please contact your local IT support and/or St. Louis County IT at 218-726-2646.

Tips & Tricks

Does your fingerprint reader suddenly not work for signing onto eCharging? Try these steps to get it up and running again.
  • Go to the eCharging website.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner (it looks like a gear).
  • Click on About Internet Explorer.
  • If you see Internet Explorer 10, stop. If you see Internet Explorer 11, click Close.
  • Click on Tools on the upper left.
  • Click on Compatibility View Settings.
  • Enter the eCharging address ( under Add this Website.
  • Click Add and Close.
If you saw Internet Explorer 10 in Step 4 or these steps did not fix the issue, contact the BCA Service Desk at
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