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January 2017

North East Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System

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Angie VanDeHey


Web Shield Update

The project team met with CJS on January 12th to review the progress of the project. All RMS windows are now complete and are being tested. The team also discussed design options for the officer-friendly windows.

Alias Records

What do you do when someone uses the identity of another real person? It is recommended that an alias record be created, but that a comment of FALSE ID ALIAS be added to the comment field in the lower right corner of the Alias Tab of the Party Involvement window. Enhancements to Person Records and Alias Records have been requested, so keep an eye out for more information in future newsletters.

New Name, New Look, New Address

Effective January 9th, 2016, our SHIELD RMS/JMS and DAMION vendor, CourtView Justice Solutions, Inc., has united with Constellation Justice Systems, Inc., and Northpointe Inc. to form equivant. What this means for us is a new customer portal website and new support email address. The support phone number remains the same. To access the customer portal, use this address: To email support, use this email address:

If you have any questions or need assistance with your user account, you may email support or you may call 800-406-4333.

Citation Offense Date vs. Arrest Date

The majority of the time the date of offense  (when the bad thing happened) and the arrest date (the date the citation was issued) are the same, but there are occasions when they are not.
If you need to issue a citation for an offense that occurred in the past, always put the date of offense in the date field. The arrest date is derived from positions 7-10 in the citation number. For example, citation# 690059635901 the 7th number is 6 - denoting 2016. In position 8, 9, & 10 is 359, meaning the 359th day of the year. So the issue date (or arrest date) for this citation is 12/24/16. This automatically fills in when the citation imports.
Hand-written Citations
Always put the date the bad thing happened in the Offense Date field. On the bottom of the ticket, put the date you wrote the citation in the Issued Date box.
Entry in SHIELD
When entering citations in SHIELD, on the SUMMONS window, enter the date the citation was issued in the Arrest date box.  When entering a citation in the Case Incident window, enter the issue date in the Arrest date box on the PARTY INVOLVEMENT Window.

Tips & Tricks

Has it been a while since you've set up a new officer or deputy in SHIELD? Here's a quick rundown of some things to keep in mind.
  • Contact the BCA to get an eCharging/eCitation user account.
  • Add the CAD2 interface code and their CAD PIN to SHIELD.
  • Add the LETG interface code and their CAD PIN to SHIELD if your agency has TicketWriter.
  • Add the CJIIN interface code and their CJIIN username to SHIELD if your agency has CJN.
  • Add the ECTN interface code and their eCharging username to SHIELD if your new officer will be submitting their own citations to the court.
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