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August 2016

NorthEastern Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


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Angie VanDeHey

MOC Codes in Shield

Effective August 1st, almost 500 statutes were changed and some of the most commonly used statutes/offense codes in SHIELD are no longer available for offenses committed after August 1st.. The new statutes were automatically loaded into Shield and are available for use, but MOC codes are not automatically assigned to them. The best way to find the new statutes in SHIELD in the Statute/Ordinance Search Window is to  use the Description field and a wildcard search. For example, if you need to find the new 5th degree drug statutes, enter %drug%5th% in the Description field. Many of the new statutes have been updated with MOC codes, but if you find new statutes that have not yet been assigned an MOC code, please contact Angie VanDeHey and she will update them for you.


A few years ago, St. Louis County piloted a Person Cautions project in Shield. A team is in the process of reviewing what was learned during the pilot. Best practices for using person cautions are being developed, and training will be offered in the future. Watch the newsletter for upcoming training dates.

Assisting Agency Supplemental

Did you know that there is an Assisting Agency Supplemental template in Shield? This template will display your office information in the heading instead of the primary office information, and can be used when your agency is assisting on a case. This template can be found in the Document Name List of Values on the Document Generation Window in Shield.

Web Shield Update

The project team met with CJS on July 20th and August 3rd to discuss and view the progress of the Web Shield application. The Address Search and Staff Member Search windows have been completed, and searching for addresses got a lot easier. In Web Shield, you will be able to type a number and street name into a single search field, hit your Enter key and see a list of all matching results. For example, type in "505 Main", and you'll see results for 505 North Main Street, 505 South Main Street, 505 East Main Road, 505 West Main Parkway, and the list could go on. This new simplified search will also work for intersections. Just type in "Howard/4th", and you'll see results for the intersection of Howard Street East and 4th Avenue East in Hibbing, as well as the intersection of Howard Street West and 4th Avenue West.

Another great new feature is that Person Cautions will be visible on the Person Search Window. The Person Record will still highlight in yellow, but the caution type will also display next to the person's mug shot. The caution type will be a hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlink will open up the Caution Window, so you can read any comments or notes associated with the caution.


In July, St. Louis County experienced some hacking attempts. To mitigate future hacking attempts, the login feature on the website has been disabled for external users. St. Louis County IT is researching solutions. This affects Code Request Forms. For now, please send all code requests to Angie VanDeHey via email. Forms are being developed to make this process easier, and an email will be sent when they are completed.

ATACRAIDS or Accurint Crime Analysis

As reported in the last newsletter, ATACRAIDS has been renamed Accurint Crime Analysis. Their new customer service phone number is 866-277-8407. Training is still free for agencies using Accurint Crime Analysis. If your agency would like to schedule any training sessions via web conference, contact Stacy Andrews for more information. The training sessions can be held for as few as two participants and usually last about 90 minutes.

Tips & Tricks

Do you want to make sure your referral to a prosecutor was sent successfully, even if the prosecutor hasn't accepted it yet? Check out the Referral Log Window to find this information. You can find Referral Log in Shield under Quick Launch and then Referral Log.
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