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September 2017

North East Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


CJS Help Desk:

St. Louis County IT Help Desk:


Property and Evidence Enhancement

The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is working on a Web Shield enhancement that includes barcoding of property, batch movement of property items, eSignature integration for chain of custody, and a new standard report that will greatly improve property room management. Location codes can be maintained by each agency and/or office, so your property room organization can be tailored specifically for your office.

The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office in Duluth will pilot the project. Once the pilot phase is complete, other agencies and offices will be given the opportunity to go live with the functionality.

Support Center

equivant has an online Support Center where Web Shield training materials such as manuals, cheatsheets and even videos can be posted and accessed by Web Shield users. Watch for more information in future newsletters.

Saved Reports

Do you dread going into your saved Ad Hoc or Custom Reports list because it's cluttered with reports you don't need? Good news, you can now remove or unshare publicly shared reports. All you have to do is highlight the report you no longer want in the Saved Reports list, then click the Unshare button. You'll be asked if you really want to remove that report. If you do, click Yes.

Tips & Tricks

Did you get interrupted while typing a narrative or supplemental report in Web Shield, and now the report is gone? In Legacy Shield, you could find it in the Shield Bin. Here's where to look when trying to recover a missing report in Web Shield:
The %userprofile% portion is the user profile directory for the user on that workstation.

The files will show up as .dag files. You may need to tell your PC to open .dag files in Word.
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