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July 2016

NorthEastern Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System


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Angie VanDeHey

Address Clean Up

CJS ran the address clean up process on Monday, July 4th, to take care of the incorrect addresses created in Shield after the CAD 2.9 Upgrade. Most of the incorrect addresses could be merged into existing address records, while others had to be created as new addresses.  

CJIIN Gun Permits

Trying to find a CJIIN Permit to Purchase or Carry in Shield can be a little tricky. To find them by the applicant's name, perform a Person Search in Shield and navigate to the Activity Tab. Permits no longer receive an ICR number, so they will most likely appear at the bottom of the list in the Activity Block. The permit information you will be able to see in the Activity Block is the Reported Date, "Permit/License" in the Activity column and a status of Approved or Denied. To get more information on the permit, click on the Permit/License button at the bottom of the window.

Exception to eCitations

On occasion, you will receive an eCItation error on a charge that usually has a vehicle, but does not have one on a particular citation. Examples are gas drive-offs where the vehicle information was not provided by the reporting party, and bicycles failing to stop for stop signs. The Courts have allowed an exception to electronic submission of citations when vehicle information is required, but is not available. In this circumstance, you may submit a PDF version of the citation to the courts on paper.

Web Shield Update

The project team met with CJS on June 29th, and viewed the most recent changes to the prototype. The menu bar is reorganized and certain menu options have new, more descriptive names. The toolbar is also brand new. There are buttons right on the toolbar that will open the History Window, so you can see with one click when a record was created or modified and by whom. The Export to Browser function also has its own button on the toolbar.

The next step is for CJS to continue working on the remaining windows. The project team will be able to review the new windows as they become available.

Endangered Life Checkbox

An issue was recently reported by the courts that the "Endangered Life" checkbox was not checked on the electronic submission of a citation, but was checked on the handwritten citation. Checking this box changes a petty misdemeanor to a misdemeanor level of offense and requires the defendant to make a mandatory court appearance.

If you are entering handwritten citations with the "Endangered Life" checkbox checked, please make sure to check the Endangered Life and Mandatory checkboxes on the Summons window.

If you are using TicketWriter, please verify that if the officer has checked "Endangered LIfe" on the eTicket, the information displays correctly on the Summons window.   

Protection Order Bug

The BCA's Order for Protection (OFP) interface has a known issue with service information. When an OFP is issued and served, law enforcement updates the status to Served. When the courts issue a modification or allow a continuance to that OFP, the status reverts back to "unserved" and law enforcement is unable to update the status. The workaround for this is to have court administration update the service information in Odyssey on all modifications and continuances of OFPs. That information will sent through the interface and the status in Portals will be updated.


Are you trying to add or remove someone from the list of recipients for daily ATACRAIDS emails? Unfortunately, at this time this is not a change that can be made on our end, and a support ticket should be sent to to make the change. You may also call them at (303) 346-6000. The reports may only be sent to one email address. If your agency would like those reports sent to multiple recipients, consider creating an internal email group like and having the report sent to that address.

As you may know, BAIR Analytics was acquired by LexisNexis Risk Solutions. They have renamed ATACRAIDS to Accurint Crime Analysis. As new support email addresses and phone numbers become available, they will be included in future newsletters.

Tips & Tricks

Have you gotten a "TicketDate must be on or after the OffenseDate" error when trying to send a citation to the Courts? Can't figure out what's wrong? Here's your fix:
  1. Go to the Summons Window for the citation.
  2. Make sure the Offense Date field and the Arr Date field either match, or that the Offense Date is prior to the Arr Date.
  3. Save.
  4. Resubmit the citation.
Bonus Tip: Click the button below to access a cheat sheet that will help solve "The ICR does not belong to the same agency as the Citation" error in the LETG Interface Log.
LETG Error Cheat Sheet
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