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February Diary Dates                           

14 Thursday         Year 12 Photos

March Diary Dates                                       
08 Friday              Assessment Task 1 - Mathematics
14 Thursday         Assessment Task 1 - English
15 Friday              World's Greatest Shave

A message from the CEO

Dear parents and carers,

Welcome back to Hunter Trade College for the final three terms of your young person's school education.  We have had a busy and wonderful start to the year, with ninety five (95) students returning for Year 12.  More than 25 students gained apprenticeships during the Christmas break and we wish those students and their families all the very best for the future.

Our returning students have the opportunity to keep developing their skills and knowledge with a view to being more attractive to those employers who prefer their apprentices to finish the HSC before taking up an apprenticeship.  Industry research tells us that many young people who don't finish their apprenticeships leave because they don't have the maths and writing skills to cope with second and third year study.  One of the best ways for our students to improve their chances of finishing their trade apprenticeship is to focus on Maths and English classes while they are at the College. 

We have recently received comments from parents about students participating in work placement, suggesting that the student is being used as "slave labour".  This issue comes up from time to time both from students and parents.  It is important to remember that work placement underpins 2 units of the Preliminary HSC and 2 units of the HSC program.  Students cannot successfully complete the units without undertaking the mandatory work placement component.  Every student enrolling at the College makes a commitment to complete their work placement hours voluntarily, during their enrolment interview.  Not every host employer has the capacity to take on a school based trainee or employ a full time apprentice.  Our host employers give freely of their time and expertise and we know that working with an inexperienced person takes time and effort on their part.  Please value these opportunities for your young person and remember that while we will look for opportunities for school based traineeships, we are not an employment agency.  If you have concerns about the work being asked of your young person at work placement, I encourage you to contact our work placement team for support.

We have a few other reminders and tips to share with you in this issue, all designed to help you support your young person this year. Please take a few minutes to read through your newsletter and talk to your young person about the information.  By working together this year, we can help our new students achieve at their very best!

Have a wonderful Term at HTC!

Mallory Gleeson
Chief Executive Officer

College Photos

A-OneFotomakersHunter will be taking the Year 12 College photos on Thursday 14 February.  All students should have received their envelope with information for purchasing options.  All students will have their photo taken, so even if you don't plan to purchase the photos or if you pay online, we still need you to return the envelope on the day.  Students should be in full College uniform for their photos. 

Dropping off and picking up students?

If you are dropping off or picking up a student from the College, please be mindful of the following information: 
  • The College driveway is one-way.  Please enter the first gate after the crossroad and exit through the second gate.
  • Students have been asked to wait at the stairs up the the Administration building for pick up. The driveway is very busy at the start and end of the day, and it is not safe for students to enter or exit cars in the parking areas.  You may stop at the pedestrian crossing next to the entry stairs for your passengers to get out of or into your car.
  • If you need to park in the car park, please reverse into spaces on the left side of the car park (the section where you enter).  This helps to prevent inexperienced drivers from colliding when reversing out of spaces.
  • Please do not drop students off along the roadway outside the College gates.  Trucks and buses frequent the area and may not see a pedestrian in time to stop.

Student Wellbeing 

Hello, I’m Steve, the Student Support Officer.  Some of our year 12 students and Hunter Trade College employees will be taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave.  

We have formed a team which is called HTC Hairless.

What is World’s Greatest Shave?  Each March, more than 20,000 extraordinary Aussies help beat blood cancer by getting sponsored to shave or colour their hair during the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave.  2019 celebrates 21 years of the World’s Greatest Shave campaign. World’s Greatest Shave began back in 1998 and is now one of Australia’s longest running and most loved fundraising events.   People of all ages will shave, colour, or wax the hair on their head, chest or face – supported all the way by proud family, friends, colleagues and classmates.  The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to helping more Australians with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related disorders survive their blood cancer and live a better quality of life.

Please get behind our team members and donate if you can – every little bit helps!  

Follow this link: HTC Hairless  So far team HTC Hairless has raised $177.33.  Our goal is $3,000


Remember, I am available to assist students and concerned parents and carers with any wellbeing needs that may arise over the College year.  I look forward to working with our College families throughout the year.

Steve Locke - Student Support Officer
Available times: 8.00am - 3.00pm Monday to Friday


Work Placement Update

We have hit the ground running in 2019! The majority of our Year 12 students have commenced their work placements for the year, and our work placement team is working with the remaining students to find the perfect placement. 

Everyone is focused on the fact that we only have 58 days of school left – but we think it’s equally important to recognise that Year 12 students only have 83 available days of work placement remaining. We encourage all of our students to make the most of these 83 days. The amount of on-the-job experience you have when leaving us is one of the main points of difference between you and other school leavers. Give every placement your “all” – strong references from your work placement employers will go a long way when applying for apprenticeships at the end of the year. 

Do you have your provisional licence yet?  Employers tell us this is one of the first things they will look for. Do yourself a favour and get your hours up as quickly as possible. Be kind to your parents and guardians – teaching you to drive can have a huge impact on them and their time. Show them you’re grateful by doing the laundry or cooking dinner :)

Just a reminder about keeping your tools safe and secure. If you are taking tools with you to work placement, please make sure they are clearly labelled, and that you take them with you each day – we have had a couple of incidents where students have left their tools behind when finishing placement and it can be quite challenging to get them back. If you can, get your tools engraved, or mark them with coloured paint. 

Congratulations to students securing a school based traineeship since our last newsletter:
  • Liam Langejans
  • Liam Martin
  • Tyler Siejka
  • Talikey Bailey
This year is all about setting you up with the skills, knowledge, and life experiences you are going to need to be successful in your future careers. We are here to help you in any way we can; please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you need anything at all.

Abbie, Nick and Kylie - HTC Work Placement Team

HSC Examinations

Mathematics Standard 2 has a mandatory exam for students to achieve the HSC.  Unles we advise you otherwise, your young person must sit that exam.

From this year on, students may sit an optional exam for English Studies. There are also optional exams for all trade courses. 
Is it worthwhile sitting optional exams?  What benefit is there for the student?  This question comes up each year.  We know the job market is tough.  Employers often receive many more applications than they have positions available.  The stronger a person's application is, the more likely they are to land an interview.  When a student sits an optional exam, they receive a HSC Band rating for their performance.  While not every employer will look for a Band rating, for those employers who are choosing between many applications, it can provide additional information about a student's strengths.  

It is worthwhile sitting the exam if:

  • a student has worked diligently throughout the year and achieve strong assessment marks for in-class assessment activities
  • the student has a positive attitude towards taking the exam and is prepared to sit a trial exam and study for the HSC exam
We will advise students and families shortly, of the closing date to apply to sit the optional exams.  If you need further information, please contact us. 
Sponsor Offer!
Gasweld Rutherford has supported the College and our students for the past few years.  Gasweld provides prizes for end of year academic awards and wellbeing activities and we greatly appreciate Gasweld's generosity.  Please see the offer below (note that purchase of tools is not mandatory - this offer is for students who may wish to have their own set of tools for home or work placement).
Disability Provisions Applications close soon!
Just a reminder that disability provisions applications close soon.  Disability provisions in the HSC help students who otherwise couldn't make a fair attempt to show what they know in an exam situation.  Claire Tipper, our Learning Support Teacher, has been in touch with most students who we know may benefit from having provisions in place.  Please make sure you provide any documentation that we need for your application as soon as you can.  

Students may need provisions for a permanent condition, such as diabetes or learning difficulty, a temporary condition such as a broken arm, or an intermittent condition, such as back pain when sitting for long periods.  Remember that it is better to have the provision in place and not need to use it, than it is to not apply in the first place - over 7,000 students across NSW apply each year, so you are not alone.

If you have not heard from us, and you think your young person needs exam provisions, please contact Claire on 4932 2400.  For more information on disability provisions, visit the NESA website at this link.
College Handbooks
All Year 12 students received a HSC Assessment Handbook on their first day back.  The handbook contains important information about  assessments in the HSC study year.  

Parents and carers can help by reading through the handbooks and supporting their young person by talking about the requirements, or reminding students along the way.  If you missed seeing the document don't worry.  We understand that young people don't always remember to share!  You can download the Assessment Handbook and an updated copy of the Student Handbook by clicking on the images below.
Are you sure you drink enough.... WATER?

Your body is 50-70% water. Mild dehydration at just 1% can impact upon brain function resulting in:
  • lower ability to concentrate and focus
  • mood changes such as increased feelings of agitation or anxiety
  • increased tiredness and fatigue
  • headaches!
If you wait until you feel thirsty to drink, you are likely already dehydrated.
Working in outdoors, workshops and increased physical activity means you need to drink more water to replace fluids lost through heat and sweat.
HTC has water cooler stations available for students in both the upper and lower quads. 
Students can carry a refillable water bottle and fill it up throughout the day. 
Do your body and mind a favour – drink more water, stay hydrated!
How to access Moodle?
Step 1
Browse to
Step 2
Hover over Portal tab on top of the homepage.
Step 3
Click Moodle.
Step 4
Then login with student logon.
Lifeline:                       13 11 14
Kids Helpline:             1800 551 800
Mental Health Line:    1800 011 511
Headspace Maitland: 4931 1000

For Immediate Support:
Kids Helpline (5 to 25) 1800 55 1800  - 24/7
Life line 13 11 14  - 24/7
Mental Health Line 1800 011 511 – 24/7
Parentline: 1300 1300 52  - 24/7
Support and Information: 
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
Headspace Maitland  02 4931 1000 (9am to 5pm)
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