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In this issue: Spooky and Sublime Cocktails for Halloween, Upcoming Fall Classes, Featured Cocktail - Sazerac, Chartreuse Souffle with Chocolate Sauce!

Spooky and Sublime Cocktails for Halloween

   Join me on October 26 for my Halloween-themed Spooky Sips class. Don't worry - there won't be any fake eyeballs or candy corn infused vodka. Instead, this class will feature a wide variety of real craft cocktails with names that celebrate vampires, ghosts, zombies and other seasonal spookiness. There will be bonus snacks, so prepare for trick-or-treating. Plus, we'll be awarding prizes for best costume in a variety of categories, including Best Cocktail/Bar themed cocktail. Come join the fun!

Upcoming Fall Classes

November 9 - Along the Bourbon Trail - Learn all about America's distinctive spirit, and how it shaped and was shaped by the history of our nation. You'll taste a variety of bourbons on their own and in cocktails.

November 30 - Repeal Day Celebration - December 5, 1933 marked the end of Prohibition. Come celebrate with Tammy’s Tastings as we dust off some of the lesser known cocktails of that era and talk about how Prohibition impacted global cocktail culture of the time. This class will feature special guest speaker Anne Cahalan. Anne is a Detroit history buff and tour guide and will talk about the people and places that made Detroit an important part of the Prohibition story.

December 14 - Holiday Cocktails - Spice up your holiday entertaining with some seasonal cocktails. You’ll create your own house champagne cocktail, explore hot toddies and spiced wine, and sample some unusual and delicious egg nogs!

Featured Cocktail - Sazerac

No other American city has as long a history of association with cocktails and mixed drinks as does New Orleans. And no other city has cocktails that so uniquely reflect the place. As a port and chief city of a French Colony, New Orleans was a nexus for many things that are important to the history of the cocktail in America. That includes spirits like rum from the Caribbean and brandy and absinthe from France. Louisiana was also the first place in the US into which sugar cane was imported and eventually grown, and both the sugar and molasses from sugar production are important to the history of the cocktail.

All of that history shines through in the official cocktail of New Orleans, the Sazerac. Invented in the 1830's and originally made with French Cognac, the recipe shifted to American rye in the 1870's. The absinthe ban in 1912 saw that ingredient replaced with the homegrown Herbsaint. And the defining characteristic of this cocktail - Peychaud's Bitters - were invented by a pharmacist right in New Orleans.

This a simple drink that's pretty hard to screw up, but will reward you if you pay attention to details, like using a pre-chilled glass, a generous rinse of Herbsaint or Absinthe, and a healthy spritz of lemon oil to maximize this aromatic powerhouse.

2 oz rye
1/4 oz simple syrup
4 dashes Peychaud's Bitters
Rinse: Herbsaint or Absinthe
Garnish: lemon twist
Rinse chilled old fashioned glass with absinthe. (Either keep glass in cooler to chill, or first fill with ice and water for a few minutes before emptying and adding absinthe rinse) Combine all ingredients in mixing glass with ice. Stir, strain into glass. Garnish.

~ In Other News ~

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Tour with Tammy's Tastings?
I had so much fun in New Orleans, all I could think about was inviting you along to join me on my travels. If you'd be interested in traveling with Tammy's Tastings to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky or to New Orleans, contact me for more information. Tours are in the planning stages now, and I want your input!

Now Booking Fall & Holiday Events
I have openings through the fall and winter for private bartending, tasting events, personal cheffing and more! As we look ahead to the holiday season, think about Tammy's Tastings. Tasting events and classes make for delightfully different year-end thanks you parties for staff and clients. And a private bartender or personal chef takes every party to the next level! I'd love to work with you to craft your perfect food and drink experience. Contact me to book!
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