A Guide to HOA Requirements for Home Repairs
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Repairing Storm Damage

Your Guide to the HOA Requirements and Process

The Lowry Community Master Association's (LCMA) Buildings and Grounds Committee has been hard at work approving Design Review Requests from homeowners replacing roofs, fencing, windows, trees and painting to repair the damage caused by the hail storms and tornadoes we've seen this summer.  Here are some tips for navigating the process:

What is a Design Review Request?  Generally speaking, anytime you paint or make a change to the exterior of your home, a Design Review Request Form (DRR) must be submitted to the LCMA for approval.  The DRR Form, which can be downloaded HERE, can be filled out and submitted electronically.

How long does it take to get approval for my Design Review Request?  Depending on the volume of requests and how your request is submitted, approval can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days.  The committee handles all requests by email, so that's the fastest way to submit your request, too.  The best way to avoid delays:  make sure ALL the supporting documentation (outlined on the DRR Form and in the Design Guidelines) is included when you submit your request. 

What happens if I don't submit a Design Review Request?  If you don't submit a DRR and/or don't wait for LCMA approval before starting work, you may be required (legally) to undo the changes you've made.  If you've already started work, don't panic, you can still submit your DRR for approval.  Call Lowry Community Manager, Jennifer Bublitz, at (970) 663-9685 or email her at for assistance.

Design Guidelines and Tips for Specific Home Repairs:

Read the LCMA's Design Guidelines for Roofs.  Replacing roofs with the same color and type of shingle/tile does not require the submission of a DRR.  Partial roof replacement must be an exact match.  Roof color must harmonize with the house.  Minimum 30-year warranty on roofing materials is required.  Solar shingles are new to Lowry and will be considered by the committee.

Painting:  Read the LCMA's Design Guidelines for Painting.  A DRR must be submitted for any exterior painting, even if you are painting the same colors.  There is no approved HOA paint list, but colors selected must reasonably conform and harmonize with your home and with surrounding homes.  If you have paint damage caused by the storm(s) and did not already receive a paint letter, you will have until 9/15/2016 to repaint.

Fences:  Read the LCMA's Design Guidelines for Fencing.  A DRR must be submitted for any fence replacement.  There are a lot of requirements for front and rear fencing from both the LCMA and the City and County of Denver - the Design Guidelines provide all of that information, so it is important to review those.  Note that your existing fence may *not* be on your property, so homeowners will be responsible for verifying their lot lines during fence replacement. You can change the style and material of your fence.

Windows and Screens:  A DRR only needs to be submitted if the style or color of the replacement window(s) is different from what currently exists.  Damaged windows and screens must be repaired or replaced.

Trees:  Read the LCMA's Design Guidelines for Trees.  This has been a hard year for trees, so we are requiring replacement of only the trees that are clearly dead.  Tree replacement does not require a DRR, but must adhere to the Design Guidelines.  Trees in the "tree lawn" (landscaped strip between the sidewalk and the street) are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner and must be maintained, or, if necessary, replaced.  Trees must be regularly pruned to keep the tree in good health, remove dead or damaged branches, and to provide 8' of clearance over the sidewalk and the street.  Please get utility locates before removing or planting trees (just call 311 to request the locates) and note that tree lawn trees must be replaced with a species on the list in the Design Guidelines, which was established in partnership with the Denver City Forestry Division, and must be at least 2.5 inch caliper in size.

I have questions.  Lots of questions.  No problem, we're here to help.  Please contact Lowry Community Manager, Jennifer Bublitz, at (970) 663-9685 or

A Note of Caution:  The Denver District Attorney's Office sent out an advisory that may be helpful to review as you're interviewing companies and obtaining bids for home repairs.  You can view that advisory HERE.


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