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Lowry Mailbox Kiosk Replacement Status & Key Pick Up

Seventy-four of the eighty-eight mailbox kiosks have been replaced!  The remaining fourteen mailbox kiosks are being replaced tomorrow (Wednesday).  The LCMA thanks you for your patience during the mailbox replacement process.

***New mailbox keys can be picked up at Lowry Print & Ship in the Lowry Town Center (200 Quebec Street, next door to Glacier Ice Cream).  Lowry Print & Ship's hours are below - they WILL be open Friday and Saturday of this week.  

The deadline for picking up keys at Lowry Print & Ship is Thursday, December 8th.  After that, the keys will be returned to the Montclair Post Office (11th & Uinta) for distribution.

In other words, you're going to want pick up your keys before December 8th.****

Lowry Print & Ship's Hours:
Tues 11/22: 10 am - 6 pm
Weds 11/23: 10 am - 7 pm
NOTE: Lowry Print & Ship will be closed for Thanksgiving Thurs 11/24
Fri 11/25:  12 pm - 5 pm
Sat 11/26:  10 am - 3 pm
Sun 11/27:  CLOSED
Mon 11/28 - Fri 12/2:  10 am - 6 pm
Sat 12/3:  10 am - 3 pm
Sun 12/4:  CLOSED
Mon 12/5 - Thurs 12/8:  10 am - 6 pm
Fri 12/9 and beyond:  Mailbox keys can be picked up at the Montclair Post Office branch.

If you have questions for Lowry Print & Ship, visit their website at or call them at 303-366-8000.


1.  What if I'm not sure my mailbox kiosk got replaced?  

There should be signage on all mailbox kiosks that were replaced, but the carriers take the signage off after a week or so.  If your key isn't working and your box looks new, it was probably replaced.  The LCMA only replaced the hard-sided plastic boxes, not the newer metal boxes.  East Park, for example, didn't have any mailbox kiosks replaced because theirs were all metal already.

2.  Why are the mailbox kiosks being replaced?

The break-in of about ten of Lowry's mailbox kiosks prompted the mailbox kiosk replacement.  The LCMA decided to replace all the hard-sided plastic kiosks with a more secure metal version.  Additionally, the LCMA is installing security bolts in the base of the kiosks - we are the first neighborhood in Denver to do so.  Our installation schedule is aggressive (88 kiosks in a week and a half), but otherwise we would have had to wait until after the holiday season, which would have exposed the neighborhood's  mail to continued risk of theft during a very busy mail season.

3.  Why is Lowry Print & Ship distributing the keys?

Lowry Print & Ship stepped in when the Montclair branch told us that, despite working with their management for over a month to generate a plan that worked for our installation contractor, the USPS Regional Maintenance Manager AND the Montclair branch, that they would actually *not* be able to handle distributing the new keys in a timely fashion.  We asked Lowry Print & Ship to manage the process and we thank them.  There have been a few hiccups, but those are primarily due to key mis-labeling by the Post Office folks installing the keys.  Only the Post Office is permitted to key the kiosks.

4.  The Post Office told me (a) that the LCMA never told them they were replacing the mailboxes, (b) that mail won't be delivered until the Post Office receives confirmation that the keys have been picked up, (c) that the HOA is responsible for handing out the mailbox keys.

(a) FALSE.  The LCMA met in person nearly weekly with the Montclair Branch management and via conference calls with both the Montclair Branch management and the USPS maintenance division in the month leading up to the replacement.  We provided them with spreadsheets and maps and schedules, which they approved.  Somehow the people working the front counter weren't informed and when we met with the managers to address the miscommunication occurring, there was a lot of finger pointing among the Montclair branch management.  While things have improved over the last week, in some instances the miscommunication continues.  (b) FALSE.  The mail *is* being delivered now.  (c) FALSE.  The Post Office doesn't permit a 3rd party to distribute mailbox keys that isn't already background checked by the Post Office. Lowry Print & Ship is an authorized USPS affiliate, so they are allowed to distribute the keys.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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