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Owl Sculpting Class

Saturday, April 14, 9 AM - 4 PM   
Register at the Wickford Art Association .

And this time it actually IS an owl! :)

I'll demo the barn owl shown here, plus sculpting and painting techniques for making deep textured wood.

You can follow along or bring your own reference images and sculpt whatever you like in the hollow. Just let me know if you're planning something different so I can make sure my supplies will work for you.

We'll cure the sculptures in class (unless you'd like to spend more time on it and bring it home), then cover antiquing and painting techniques with a comparison of acrylics, heat set oils and PanPastels.

Don't worry if you're not a sculptor yet. I'm always impressed by how creative beginning sculptors are.
I finished my 30 day challenge and I made a lot of work I'm really happy with.  

There's a couple of series that I'd really like to keep going with, including alternate universe steampunk animals - why not? :) And my experiments with white Cernit clay.

I was using a mix of Cernit (white and doll white) that's translucent but glows like marble. I only sculpted miniatures this time around but I want to try some bigger pieces. It calls for slightly different sculpting techniques - smoother forms and less texture, no paint, and a LOT of washing my hands and lint brushing my clothes (we have two black cats) but I think it might be worth it.

You can check out my blog at starting here or on Instagram - ChristyShermanArt - if you want to see everything I made.

What's Next?

I was too busy with the challenge in January to make resolutions or set goals, but I'm starting to think about them now.

1.  Class proposals for this summer are due in a couple weeks. I was thinking of teaching dragons eyes or my dragon sculpting class again, and possibly a jewelry class with faux beach stones but I haven't quite decided...

So, let me know - What would you like to learn?

2.  I'm not going to be doing many art and craft fairs this year. I enjoy meeting everyone (Hi everyone!) but it takes so much time and energy that I need a break, and more time to make things.

I'm planning on updating my website (FINALLY) and stocking my etsy shop or putting up a shop on my site. Or both.

Stay tuned for that  - I'm thinking of doing a giveaway for a grand re-opening when it's finally done - and if you have any suggestions or art sites you really like, let me know.

3.  Creative projects. This is the fun part -  only limited by too many ideas and not enough time.

I'm planning to make more jewelry pieces, and follow up on at least one of the art series I've started. I might even try pastel painting. I've done a few and really like it.

One of the many things I'm considering is materials...

What metals do you like for jewelry? What styles and lengths do you like?
  • Aged copper
  • Darkened brass or bronze
  • Gun metal - sort of silvery black
  • Stainless steel
  • Mixed metals
  • Sterling silver (It's more expensive)
  • Gold (Much more expensive)
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