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Summer Reading
Volume 2, Issue 6

The end is nigh! I'm not talking about a new YA Dystopian novel. Step-Up is just around the corner and summer is on our doorstep. That means it's almost time for summer reading. You can find it all on our site: book trailers, cover montages, even our picks of the best of the best. So grab a cool drink, put on your shades, and get ready to lounge with one of these great reads.

Calling All Readers

We need your recommendations! Is there a book you love on the summer reading lists? Write up a quick recommendation and e-mail it to we'll take care of the rest. You can view other students' recommendations here. Recommend books to your peers or find a favorite from your past to recommend to younger students.

Overdrive Tutorial

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Packing light? You can check out books from the MCDS library whether you're in Azerbaijan or Zimbabwe. Just use our Overdrive system and you'll be set with ebooks that won't weigh down your carry-on.

The Lists

Our lists are separated into categories so you can find just what you're looking for. Remember to pay attention to the * which indicate a book in a series (you can read any book in that series) and @ which means the book is available via Overdrive.
Entering 5th Grade
Entering 6th Grade
Entering 7th Grade 
Entering 8th Grade

Book Trailers
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We've found all the book trailers we could for books on the summer reading lists. If you're having trouble picking, try watching these.

Librarian Picks
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Some love Parker for her snarky, sarcastic, fiercely independent, unforgiving, courageous, selfish, self-centered persona.  Others hate her for it.  Did I mention that she happens to be blind and runs track so fast the coach thinks the timer is broken? more
Seth feels the impact of a rock against his head as the waters close in around him and he drowns. He dies in America, but he wakes up again in his childhood home in more
Sloane was the best friend a girl could ask for. No matter what they were doing, Sloane would turn it into an adventure and Emily could count on her to draw her out of her shell. Which is why Emily couldn't wait for their epic summer to begin. But then Sloane disappears without saying a word... read more
 The Romanov family reigned over Russia in a time when unrest was growing and trouble was on the horizon. As the world outside changed, they grew increasingly out of touch as their isolation both protected and endangered them. Then, on one infamous day, the whole family was murdered to end the imperial more

Summer Reading Montages--visit our website to see all the book covers on your grade's list.

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What did you like?  What do you think we should add?  Want to contribute a book review or article?  Send us an e-mail to or stop by the library to let us know what you think!