Happy Halloween!
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Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Volume 2, Issue 2

Fall has arrived and the scent of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air. That means one thing: time to read some spooky stories! Check out our recommendations to get you into the Halloween spirit. 

Halloween Books

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Librarian Picks
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Henrietta's house is made of wood, with a sloping roof and an old-fashioned attic. Henrietta's mother thinks that it must be some contaminant in their old house that is causing Henrietta's blinding headaches. But Henrietta knows it isn't the house at all. It's the more
Sabriel was dead when she was baptized. But there are benefits to being the Abhorsen's daughter. Her father followed her into the land of the dead and brought her back with him... read more
 Victor was determined to discover all the secret passages in the Frankenstein estate, but some secrets are best left in darkness. When he stumbled across the Dark Library it almost killed more
 Ghosts stories gather in areas filled with sadness. Perhaps that is why there are so many tales of the supernatural in Calcutta. Siraj knows all of more
Bones and mummies and artifacts, oh my! For a nonfiction spooky read, try these archaeology books

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