Inner peace and calm on boulevard de Magenta
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Inner peace and calm on boulevard de Magenta

Paris - 10ème

So here’s a crazy idea.
Let’s do a digital detox.
Wait! Not yet – keep reading your screen.
The concept
Seymour+ is a chic centre of consciousness near the Canal Saint-Martin that was founded to help individuals in the digital age balance technological stimuli with inner peace and mindful clarity.
Drop in any time without reservation, pay €7, and salute your smartphone goodbye for a solid 45 minutes. Once your phone is safely locked away, you undertake a creative and stimulating parcours through the space that is designed to explore your subconscious and cultivate your imagination.
The parcours
Start in a selfie booth in which you draw your own portrait. Make a resolution to practise drawing as you move onto the peaceful projection room that is, of course, sans projector. Next is the sitting room where the distant sounds of trucks on boulevard de Magenta become surprisingly soothing as you surf - not the Internet - but your mind. Make sure to spend a while at the writing desks to pen (not type, tap or snap) a letter to yourself, which the Seymour+ staff will then post to your address. 
Each activity is deeply dépaysante and leaves you feeling like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole and into the wonderful world of your very own mind palace.
The worst case scenario
You end up writing a long letter to your ex-boyfriend declaring your love slash hate slash both for him.
Actually that is very bad. Don’t do that.

The best case scenario
You spend 45 minutes on a Saturday reconnecting with your intuition, taking a break from technology and reflecting on your natural creative instincts.
Not to mention the number of likes, views and notifications that will have built up in your digital world during your absence.
Ah! Now we’ve spiked your interest.
Which was of course a test.
It’s time you took yourself to Seymour+.

Seymour+ 41 boulevard de Magenta, 75010 
Tuesday to Saturday 12pm – 8pm, no reservation necessary 
7€ per visit - valid for one full day; you may leave and return
More info here or by calling 01 40 03 81 68

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