New CNC Capabilities

Here at Milcut, we are always looking to expand our capabilities to better fulfill our customer’s needs. With this mindset we allow ourselves to be as flexible as our products to create the perfect solution. We recently took a step towards this goal by expanding our CNC machining capabilities. In this newsletter we will discuss our new CNC machining capabilities and how we can use them to benefit you, our customer.

Efficiency, flexibility, and quality were major factors when upgrading our CNC machining. We felt that these three factors are what matter most for our customers. Our new CNC capabilities allow us to meet our customers’ expectations, while continuing to surpass them. We are now able to change cutting heads on the fly allowing us to cut, crease, and perforate all in one run of the machine. This allows us to cut down on time using multiple machines, speeding up efficiency. The operator is also able to set up material on the machine while it is cutting to set up the next cycle. Once again, this speeds up our efficiency. Even with the increase in speed and efficiency no quality is lost. This is because the machine has a vacuum table that makes sure the materials do not slide when being cut. It also features a fully automated calibration system for blades, bits and crease wheels. This eliminates any need for manual intervention for determining the correct cutting depth. The bits are also automatically cleaned after being used resulting in no debris for the next part to be cut. The machine itself is also modular. Meaning that even if we don’t currently have the tool, we can purchase it and easily attach it to the machine.

We have covered what the machine itself can do and now we will go into greater depth about how we can use it to benefit you. We are able to cut tougher materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber at a more consistent, clean cut. While we have been able to cut aluminum in the past using waterjets, die cutting, and other CNC machines, our newest capabilities provide us with greater speed and quality. Foam, rubber and plastics can all be cut using our new capabilities. Depending on the application, these materials can be cut, kiss-cut, perforated, beveled, lined, creased, routed and even engraved. Thicknesses up to 4.3 inches can be cut using this new CNC machine. Our new capabilities also provide us with the ability to have graphics printed in line directly onto the finished parts. This can be helpful when your parts or application require either part numbers or installation directions to be printed on. In the past, we would have to use a separate device to print part numbers on or use labels. With this new process, we eliminate this additional step.

If you would like to give our new CNC capabilities a try, then give your account manager a call today. You can also learn more about it by contacting us at 262-783-3300 or emailing us at

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