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Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women's Stories of Trauma and Growth, by Walker Karraa, PhD
... She leaves no stone unturned, no aspect ignored or too uncomfortable to address, and writing with the highest order of respect and admiration for her participants, whose (too often ignored) thoughts and feelings finally have a place.

...One quote that stood out for me, in reference to a heartbreaking healthcare worker fail, was "Why didn't she ever just look into my eyes & say 'How are you?'" 

That's what this book was all about. Giving people the tools to understand--REALLY understand--what women go through with PPD from firsthand accounts. Highly recommend for health professionals, women with PPD and their family members, or moms who just want to know that other people feel that way too.

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              Walker Karraa, PhD

                 Now available on Kindle
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