The GAIN LINE Report #5 March 2015
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TWI% Changes in SUPER RUGBY 2015
With the Super Rugby season now in full swing we review each team's TWI% change in 2015. The order given is from highest increase to highest decrease and does not show overall TWI% ranking. The TWI% rankings and changes going into the  2015 season were determined once 2015 squads were finalised. For further information on TWI% visit
BRUMBIES: Ranked in the top 3rd of the competition for TWI%. With the biggest jump of TWI% in 2015 the Brumbies are strengthening an already reasonably strong position.
HIGHLANDERS: A big jump for the mid table TWI% team. They are starting to get the cohesion to win games they may have lost in the past. Potential issue if injuries hit as cohesion through complete squad is not as strong as starting XV.
STORMERS: Strong improvement of an already high TWI% team. Will be an advantage in the away legs. Youngest average team in Super Rugby so future looking bright if they continue down this path.
BLUES: Even with a moderate improvement in TWI% the Blues are still not playing to capacity. There is a lot of experience in the squad but it is concentrated in only a few players.The Blues are suffering from a lack of cohesion coming out of the ITM Cup.
WARATAHS: The Waratahs are playing to capacity as per 2014. Because they are still only in the top 3rd of the TWI rankings, and with only a small improvement this season, they will need everything to go their way again in 2015.
REBELS: There is only minimal improvement over their 2014 TWI% ranking. Results will follow a similar trend to previous years, however there is an expectation that Share of Points% will improve as cohesion rises. Cohesion has benefited from the Melbourne Rising NRC team.
HURRICANES: While only minimal increase they are improving on a very high TWI% allowing for consistancy which has been missing in the past. The Hurricanes are benefiting from a positive return of cohesion back from the All Blacks.
WESTERN FORCE: A slight improvement to this bottom 3rd TWI% ranked team. The teams around them are improving at a greater rate so the Force may not be able to replicate their strong 2014 season. The Force have had minimal benefit from the NRC due to their NRC selection policy.
CHIEFS: There has been no great improvement to their mid table TWI% ranking in 2015. Inconsistant results are indicative of teams in this position. Negative cohesion drivers are contained in a small group of players so Chiefs have the making of a stronger squad in the future.
LIONS: Steady bottom half table TWI% ranking with minimal change in 2015. Consistency and the ability to perform on the road is an issue for teams at this TWI% level. The draw will negate some of their TWI% deficiencies.
CRUSADERS: They are showing some inconsistancy after a small drop in their TWI% in 2015. However they are still very high and their overall season will reflect this even after the slow start.
BULLS: Strong TWI% but small drop in 2015 will give issues with consistency. Developing this young group puts them in a good position going forward. Results so far reflect their TWI% ranking.
REDS: They have been playing well below capacity over the last couple of season. A big drop in TWI% in 2015 will continue to cause issues. Loss of cohesion in 2015 has been compounded due to injury, however this has been partly mitigated by the cohesion from the Brisbane City NRC team.
SHARKS: One of the biggest TWI% drops in 2015 has lead to some poor results early in the season. They will gain cohesion as the season goes on but having stronger teams in the middle of the draw, not at the end, may cause problems. 
CHEETAHS: The biggest drop of TWI% in 2015 leaves the Cheetahs near the bottom of the TWI% rankings. This will show fragility against the better teams especially on the road. The draw allows them to mitigate some of the lost cohesion. 

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