Newsletter 01/2015 - ILO Board 2015/2016
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ILO Board 2015/2016

Dear Leo and Lions friends,

A new year has begun and the ILOs are introducing you a new edition of our newsletter, easier to access and read.
From August 1st to August 8th the Leo Europa Forum, the major event and meeting place for European Leos, has taken place in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
The nations represented were 20, with up to 170 participants.
It has been a wonderful experience for all the activities that have been proposed during the event: the serious workshops like "Team spirit and motivation", "How to be a good leader" or "A meeting with Oakbrook with Kerstin Rust", the fun workshops as the one on beer tasting, photography or bracelet making and every evening a different party, without forgetting about the room ones from the swiss to the turkish to the french one.
We have visited many beautiful places like the old mines, Dusseldorf and Cologne (in silent disco mode). 
The POC (presentation of countries) both serious and funny: in one we talked about what some nations do on a territorial level and around the world, in the other one the possibility of making others taste one countries food and drinks was given to every nation.
During this event many have exchanged their delegation t-shirts, further strenghtening bonds among european leos.
And last but not least, an amazing social activity! We have collected 18 cubic meters of donations, from clothes to dishes, pots and children's toys for the Peace Village. A village that hosts more than 200 children with different medical problems and assists them towards recovery before bringing them back to their families. It has been a difficult but amazing and touching experience for everyone.
During LEF the new social year has also begun for the ILO Council of 2015/2016. A special thanks goes to all those who have been part of the board last year and a good luck for all who are part of the new one.
The next stops for this year will be the following: the Europa Forum from October 9th to October 11th in Augsburg, Germany, the Pre-Lef from January 22nd to January 24th in Parnu, Estonia. The cost of it will be 200 Euros.
The Lef will then take place from August 13th to August 20th, obviously always in Parnu, Estonia. 
For more information visit the Facebook Page LEF 2016 Destination Estonia.
In 2017 the LEF destination will be in the Netherlands: LEF 2017.
Write to if you want to know more!!

More than 10 ILO will participate to the Europa Forum that will take place in Augsburg, Germany, from October 9th to October 11th. The cost for Leos is 90 Euros but if you use the code "LEO_Volunteer", you will get a 40€ discount on your Leo ticket. (Officially you should of course try to be of help as a volunteer. If it does not fit with your other tasks as e.g. an ILO to volunteer that is okay as well.)
Unfortunately the information for volunteers is only in German:

For more information asks your ILO or contact Anna Jacobs. (ILO from Germany
So BOOK! 50€ for a 3 whole days including all workshops (if not classified otherwise) and events is great!

We're waiting for you!!!
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