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The Key to Following Through on Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New You?
The idea of a “new year, new you” is swell and all. But is a discounted membership at the gym or a new dietary program really going to help you achieve that? Many people start off the new year with lofty resolutions but have trouble staying motivated. Why is that? What can you do to motivate yourself so that you will actually follow through on your goals for self-improvement? I believe that the answer lies in cultivating a strong personal knowledge base—a concept I call the foundation of understanding.

Read on to learn how building a foundation of understanding will empower you to discover your own path and take ownership of your own journey toward full health and happiness—rather than relying on the authority of “experts.”

Developing a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding is a necessary first step toward realizing your desired experience in life.

Why Not Trust the “Experts”?
All too often, we tend to blindly accept the authority of the “expert” or follow the advice of a well-meaning friend or coach. Regardless of whether their advice is good or bad, this tendency does nothing to promote self-motivation. Why? Because when you blindly follow another, you remove yourself from the responsibility of your actions. Plus, you may become confused and discouraged when—inevitably—you receive mixed messages or conflicting advice from two or more “trusted” sources.

Continually asking questions and building a foundation of understanding based on your own unique orientation is required for innovation and success.

Because there’s so much conflicting info out there, often coming from people who claim to be “experts,” it’s difficult to identify which sources you can truly trust. Ultimately, it’s best to trust yourself. In order to stay on track with your wellness program, you must be able to confidently make decisions for yourself and take ownership of your own path. By cultivating a strong knowledge base and building a solid foundation of understanding, you will gain the confidence needed to filter through all of that conflicting info.

Why Haven’t I Heard This Before?
Because all of those “experts” out there are promoting their way as the “right” way. Many of these health and fitness “gurus” claim that they have all the answers. They offer quick and easy “solutions” that supposedly work for everyone! But, most likely, they have ulterior motives—they’re trying to sell a new exercise machine or promote the next fad diet, etc.

If you are not educated about health and fitness topics, and therefore don’t understand the pros and cons of these diet and exercise “solutions,” you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position. You might be fooled by false marketing tactics. And you may even end up adopting a diet or exercise program that’s bad for your health. Click on the following links to learn more about the dangers of fad diets and “quick and easy” weight-loss programs:

Where to Begin
Start by trusting yourself and cultivating knowledge. When working toward any sort of life goal—whether it be health, fitness, contentment, or something else—knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it may not be enough. You must also understand how it works. For example, there’s a big difference between knowing that fried foods and sugary processed foods are “bad” for you vs. understanding exactly how the consumption of polyunsaturated fats and empty sugar calories (as opposed to good sources of sugar) can harm your body. Likewise, there’s a big difference between knowing that certain foods are “good” for you vs. understanding the scientifically-supported benefits of foods like fruits, root vegetables, and healthy milk products. Once you understand the “how” behind your actions, it becomes much easier make healthy, informed decisions on a day-to-day basis. In this way, the foundation of understanding serves as an effective tool for self-motivation. It can help you follow through on your intentions and achieve your goals for 2017 and beyond.

The foundation of understanding is the key to getting motivated—and staying motivated—along the path to health and happiness.

For more suggestions designed to help you achieve motivation and follow through on your individual path to health and happiness, check out my blog post: How to Stay Motivated: A Five-Step Guide.

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