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May 13, 2016
Dear Torah Sister,

Welcome to the new Torah Sisters Magazine! I hope and pray you will be blessed and encouraged by it. Here are some things I want you to know:

This magazine is JUST starting, and so far, it's a lot of links to items from the web we think you'll enjoy.  With the magazine, you can stay up to date on web news without having to be chained to Facebook all week! Thank goodness, eh?

I am looking for contributors. Do you write? Have a blog? Follow Yeshua and Torah? Get in touch.  Let's chat, Sister!

Lastly, let me know what you'd like to see in Torah Sisters Magazine!  I want your suggestions.

Shabbat Shalom!,
Amy Guenther
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Don’t Allow Evil in Your Home

From Anne Elliott of, "

There are certain evils that should just not be allowed in our homes. Yes, they will occur at times, but fathers and mothers need to rise up to honor their God by saying, “No, this sin cannot stay. We will not permit it. We will restrain our sons and daughters from doing these evil things.”

Thankfully, we don’t have to guess at which sins cannot stay. We don’t have to make up a legalistic list. Rather, we can read straight from the Scriptures, neither adding to nor taking away."  Read More.

New App full of Great Hebrew/Yeshua-Centered Teachings!

I love this new app called Torah Connect.  From inside, you can easily find, sort and watch Hebrew teachings from loads of teachers and ministries.  The best part is that it's free.

Learn more.

New Summer Camp for Teens!

Camp Mashiac is opening this summer, July 31-August 5 in West Virginia.  

They will provide great speakers, Bible teachings, accommodations, activities and more. There are only two months left to register.

Reserve your spot TODAY!

Learn more.

By Whose Stripes We Are Healed

From Anne Elliott of, "Some time ago, labwork came back with a suspicion that I had a brain tumor, the kind that could potentially press on my optic nerve and cause sudden blindness. The test was considered to be over 90% accurate for tumor, so my doctor scheduled an MRI to see where it was located. During the following weeks, as I waited for official results, I thought a lot about what life would be like if I went blind." Read More.

New Singer/Songwriter Releases First Album.

Melody Joy has just released her first album, "The Beginning."  Her songs reflect her love for Yeshua and Torah.  She's a young believer whose musical journey really blossomed after attending a Messianic camp in 2014.  She can be seen on worship teams at feasts and conferences around the country. Visit her website to hear samples of her songs and buy her new album. Learn more.

Tune: "In Your Presence" by Paul Wilbur 

"In Your Presence" by Paul Wilbur Watch now.
In Your Presence

Book: "Immortal: The Truth about Heaven, Hell, and the Resurrection."

From author Lex Meyer, "

Did you know that many of the popular Christian beliefs about eternal life are not based on the Scriptures, but actually come from pagan origins?

Learn the Biblical truths about life after death, and why the gospel message is so important!"

 Shop Now.

Inscriptions Found in Ancient Fortress Support Biblical Timeline, Challenge Skeptics

This article explains how new evidence supports the fact that ancient Israelites were very literate.  Read More.

The Aaronic Blessing from a Hebrew Perspective

The Aaronic Blessing from a Hebrew Perspective
New video by Jeff Benner.  "The Ancient Hebrew Language is a much more concrete language and when we interpret the Aaronic Blessing from their cultural perspective the passage comes to life in a way never seen before."
The following links are paid ads, affiliate links, or just websites I enjoy.  :)

Online Homeschooling with Torah

Homeschool curriculum for every age, firmly based on the written Torah, pointing to Yeshua as Messiah.  Shop Now.

Shop at

Shop books, DVD's, gifts and more for the family that loves Yeshua and Torah.  Shop Now.

Find Believers Near You

Find Torah observant believers near you with 119 Ministry's Hebrew Roots Map.  Read More.

Biblical Calendar for Your Kids

Buy this Biblical calendar for your kids! Shop Now.

Context for Kids-Kedoshim - Those Craaazy Amorites!

Kedoshim - those craaazy Amorites!
This week's video from Tyler Dawn Rosenquist, "What were the crazy idolatrous practices of the Amorites and all the rest of the -ites? What's wrong with getting a haircut?" Watch Now.

Conferences, Gatherings & More

July 8-10, 2016 Dothan, Alabama Unhindered Family Conference with Torah Puppets
June 9-12, 2016 Norman, Oklahoma Shavuot Day of Proclomation.
July 31-August 5 Hinton, West VirginiaCamp Mashiac for teens. 
August 21  West Monroe, Lousisiana.  Dr. Dinah Dye More Info.


Torah Portion

For For May 8-14, 2016
Kedoshim | קדושים | “Holy”
Torah — Leviticus 19:1-20:27
Haftarah — Amos 9:7-15
Apostolic Scriptures — 1 Corinthians 5:1-9:27


Memes we Loved this Week

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