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Amy Guenther

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By Whose Stripes We Are Healed

From Anne Elliott

Some time ago, labwork came back with a suspicion that I had a brain tumor, the kind that could potentially press on my optic nerve and cause sudden blindness. The test was considered to be over 90% accurate for tumor, so my doctor scheduled an MRI to see where it was located.

During the following weeks, as I waited for official results, I thought a lot about what life would be like if I went blind. I would just sit and watch my children play, or I would notice the look of notes racing across my piano music, or I would touch my husband’s beard and wonder if I would ever see him grow white with age. I wondered how I would apply makeup for my morning YouTube videos  or manage to make challah for Shabbat.

Thankfully, the results came back with good news — no tumor! However, I’ve also been sick with a chronic disease called Addison’s disease for almost 10 years now. While there are several kinds, mine is the type where my adrenal glands simply don’t function at all (which is quite different from adrenal fatigue, where the glands are fatigued and do not function to their full capacity). I like to compare it to blindness. Some women’s adrenal glands just wear out, much as our eyes get tired when we work them too hard. My adrenals are completely broken, much like a woman who is permanently blind.

Without divine healing, there is no diet, no supplement, no medication, and no essential oil that can fix such things. Read the rest of the article.

Torah Portion Teachings

Enjoy this lengthy list of websites that offer Torah Portion teachings. Thanks, Heidi Cooper, for putting this together!  

Read now.


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For Children by Children | Complaining & Arguing

It's so easy to just want things our own way. When we let that feeling take control in our hearts, the next thing to follow is complaining and arguing. So, do you ever complain and argue. If you do, then take a few minutes and watch this teaching!

An Excellent Wife


Our previous post was about the uniqueness of marriage. YHVH instituted marriage as a special blessing to us. A husband and wife complete each other and can as a result of this, do what YHVH has purposed for them to do. This can really only materialize if we are one as YHVH created us to be. To be united like this is not achieved automatically, but through constant work on our relationship. Sin made this necessary.

Sin and modern secular society changed the role of men and women. This change, which was programmed into society by the media makes men out as losers and women as their saviors. Feminism fuels this even further. As a result of this, women don’t generally respect men or their role in marriage and tend to be controlling and critical. Rather than fulfilling the unique role YHVH has created a woman for, they prefer to compete with men in the business world. The new buzzword has become gender neutrality. What an abomination this must be in YHVH’s eyes. He didn’t create two gender neutral persons, but a man and a woman.

He created men and women with different roles. Women were created with different hormones, these hormones give them their female form, enable them to have babies and let them to be women. Women tend to be more emotional, while men are stronger, they are created to be protectors and visionaries. Each has a unique role, and in marriage they become complete. This is YHVH’s design.  Read the rest of this article.


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The MOEDIM Homeschool Co-op's Biblical Feasts class created this stop-animation movie to share with other kids some reasons why they feel celebrating the Biblical Feasts are important. 
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Scripture Picture

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