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How I Celebrate Passover

By Christine Miller

"Even though we have celebrated Passover for ten years now, we are still very much learning how to celebrate the Passover. We do not celebrate it exactly as the Jews do; we try to excise the traditions of men and include the fulfillment of Jesus (Yeshua). So we are developing our own way of celebrating the feast to fulfill its purpose of a memorial for ourselves, and to teach the children. It is subject to change as the Lord continues to teach us. But the following is what we have done so far. This is our understanding to date, subject to change as God reveals more from His Word to us. I encourage everyone to search out the Scriptures for themselves do as the Word reveals!" Read the rest of this article.

Free Passover Facebook Covers

Click here to get Passover images that can be used as your Facebook cover image. Click here to see all the images I have made for you to use and share.  Click here to see more Facebook Feast covers from Christine Miller.

Preparing for Passover

By Land of Honey blog
Passover is coming up soon!  While all of the feasts of YHWH are significant Passover has a special place of importance for believers in Yahusha as it beautifully parallels his life and sacrifice.
My first Passover was when I was 15. While YHWH’s feasts are not hard to celebrate if you have never experienced them before it can be a little daunting!  I can tell you from experience that each time I celebrate Passover it comes more naturally and the meaning goes deeper in me. Whether you are new to Pesach or not here is some information to keep in mind as you prepare yourself and your home for Passover and the Feast of Matzah. Read the rest of this article.


Matzah Recipes!

Get 25 fun recipes for Matzah crackers! Enjoy these tasty ways to eat your Matzah during the upcoming Feast of Unleavened Bread. Click here!

A New Teaching for Children

A new video teaching for children by

"In this first teaching of a series on the fruit of the Spirit, Nadia talks about the most important of them all. Love. 
Take a few minutes to listen to this teaching and start learning to grow the fruit of the Spirit in your life today!" Watch now.


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