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Free Counting the Omer Chart

I’m giving away this printable for counting the omer! Make counting the days and Sabbaths to Shavuot fun for you and your kids with this free download.

You’ll get a pdf file that has two pages. One is to be displayed, and the other has the images to cut out and glue or tape on to the display page. Or just cross out the days as they pass with a marker. Just download and print onto your favorite paper. Display on your wall, refrigerator or other central location. Get yours now.


Joy of Shabbat: Finding Rewards in Sabbath Rest

From Land of Honey

Who else remembers those summer reading programs at the library when you were a kid? As someone who loves to read, I really didn't need any extra incentive to do so, but add free ice cream cones, mini golf, and baseball tickets to the mix? Heaven! You mean I do something I love and I get a prize?! That's how I feel about Shabbat now. I do something I enjoy and good things are added on top of that.

Shabbat is a break. A time to rest and relax. A pause. It's happy. On top of being obedient to a commandment, your life also gets better. When I first started honoring Shabbat I did so because I felt YHWH was asking me to listen to his instruction. My hope wasn't that I would get something out of it, but I quickly realized I was. Yes, the day off is wonderful, but it overflows to the rest of the week. Hectic work weeks were no longer overwhelming. My energy levels went up and I didn't have to drag through busy months exhausted. I had more joy being able to look ahead to a break. Life didn't feel like endless work. Shabbat has brought more peace than I know how to describe.

Now I know many of you are thinking - I'm way too busy to fit a day off into my life. That's what I thought too. But you will be more productive and have more joy in your life from honoring this commandment. Read the rest of this article.


A Peek into one Family's Purim

From "To Every Purpose" Blog

Enjoy this peek into how one family celebrated Purim last year. Read more.

Teaching for Teens by Steve Moutria

Watch this new teaching for teens by Steve Moutria of "Steve addresses a topic that very few people like to talk about. Forgiveness. Oh, everybody wants to be forgiven. Yet, when it comes to forgiving others, well, that's a different topic. Take a few minutes to consider this short teaching." Watch now.

Free Counting Omer Counting Cards

I’m giving away this set of printable cards for counting the omer! Make counting the days and Sabbaths to Shavuot fun and pretty with this free download.

You’ll get a pdf file that has fifty cards and fifty blank, but matching, backs. Just download and print onto your favorite paper. Then cut them out and use how you want. Attach to ribbon or string and hang them, or staple them to paper bags or envelopes with treats inside. There are so many ways to use this printable.

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Scripture Picture

Download this and other beautifully designed Scripture Pictures by Christine Miller at

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