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Planting Seeds of Faith

By Anne Eilliott of

We’ve been growing bean seeds in ziplock bags on our window sill, part of a science experiment for our home school. I’ve loved watching those little guys grow every day. For a few days, nothing at all happened. Then, almost like magic, they sprouted and took off. It seemed like we could see new things growing by the hour!

Do you realize what a precious little seed you are planting in the life of your child? It often seems like nothing is happening, especially spiritually. We often think that all our efforts are for nothing. Click here to read the rest of this article.

Connecting with Others of the Hebrew Faith

A while ago I asked you to participate in a Shabbat survey (you still can chime in if you haven't) and a factor that came up again and again was loneliness. If you are someone who observes the seventh day sabbath, particularly as a believer in Yahusha, it can be hard not to feel isolated. Speaking for myself, I don't know a whole lot of people who are even aware that Shabbat falls on what society calls 'Saturday,' let alone who are actively setting that day apart. Fully a third of you reported not knowing or being connected to anyone else who is Shabbat observant. Another third of you reported knowing 10 people or less with similar beliefs. The rest were the in 15-50 person range, only one person reported connection to more than 50 others.

There's good news here though: you are not alone. Click here to read the rest of this article.

10 Hours of The Way Extended Clips

The producers of The Way have released another dvd: "The Way: Extended Edition is a 3-disc collection that includes: The Way documentary (with deleted scenes, bloopers and subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish and Polish), plus over 10 extra hours of interview footage with 18 experts on church history, the origins of Christian holidays, believers returning to Torah, finding like-minded community, sharing the faith and more." Click here to learn more.

Beautiful Song about the Restoration of Israel

Listen to this familiar tune but with new lyrics about the restoration of Israel we see happening in these end days. Click here to watch.

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Scripture Picture

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Memes We Loved This Week

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