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“Blood on the Doorpost” Passover Decoration

By Amy Guenther

It seems us Hebrews have a hard time getting ideas for how to decorate our homes for the feasts, so I thought I’d share this easy decoration idea that my kids and I made last year. But it’s not just easy and decorative, it’s deeply meaningful, as well.

As you can see in the pictures, it’s very simple: basically just a long piece of red cloth draped over the door frame. But while it’s simple, the impact can be very profound. My kids and I hang it together about a month before Passover, and take it down after the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Read the rest of this article and get instructions.

Free Live Hebrew Classes

Anne Elliott posted about her Hebrew class, "If you've been wanting to learn to pronounce and read Hebrew, I *highly* recommend this FREE class. It meets daily from Sunday to Thursday by Skype -- and it's only for one week! They are fantastic believers in Yeshua, and they're very sweet and patient, too. You'll be amazed at how quickly you learn. Go to their Facebook page and let them know you're interested."

From their Facebook page, "Alef2Torah is a system of learning to read Biblical Hebrew from the very beginning of the alef-bet to reading Torah. The first step (after gaining interest by reading posts) is to sign up for a 5 hour class in which you will learn to instantly recognize Hebrew consonants and vowels and reproduce the sounds recognizably, combine the syllables into words, and the words into sentences, reading with a fair degree of accuracy, and a fair degree of fluency, and beginning to develop vocabulary and understand what you are reading. The second step is to begin reading the Torah parsha for the week, search for and find special jewels, treasures, and gems in the Hebrew language. As we read through the parshot in the yearly cycle, we will look for and find linguistic and spiritual connections through direct overt allusions, and hidden allusions. We will use built in mnemonics (memory hooks) in the Torah in the development of vocabulary. We will touch on grammar. We will use basically a sefardic pronunciation system, and look at ashkenazic and yemenite influences." Click here to learn more.

New Decal Designs in the Store

By Amy Guenther

I've been busy making new decals for the store that I hope you love! Thanks!


Free Torah Portion Printable

By Amy Guenther

I designed an all new 2017 Torah Portion printable for you lovely ladies. Enjoy! Click here to get yours.

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Find Torah observant believers near you with 119 Ministry's Hebrew Roots Map.  Read More.

Scripture Picture

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Memes We Loved This Week

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