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Dear Torah Sister,

I'm writing a short personal note to ask you to tell your friends about this Magazine and ask them to also sign up to get my emails. Social media is making it harder and harder to get information to you, and so email is my main way of communicating going forward. I'll still have a strong presence on Facebook, and in fact, I may even start a Facebook group, but email is the only reliable way to keep in touch. Will you please help me spread the word about this free Magazine by forwarding it to your friends? You can unsubscribe anytime. I mostly send e-magazines like this and links to free printables. I will also occasionally send special paid offers, and if I make money from them, it goes to pay for this website's hosting, email, graphics, etc fees.  (I'm usually in the red most months.)

Thank you SO much! I'm excited to see what the Father has in store for us all!,

Amy Guenther

New FREE Biblical Calendar

Looky! My friend, Amanda, has offered us yet again her new Biblical calendar as a free download! It's just stunning in design but the best part is that there are several pages about how the Feasts and Sabbath point to Yeshua and the Gospel, and why Christians should celebrate them. I actually buy the printed version from her every year. (Follow the link on the page below to get a printed copy.) In fact, I give them away to others, too, because the message is just so concise and beautiful.

Make Your Own Menorah Candles

From our new blogging friend, Andi:

We use our Menorah for a few special occasions, events like honoring the New Moon and High Holy Days. Well, we try...  this year, it made it's way out of storage and back into our home, and I didn't want to spend the extra funds to purchase candles that fit. {We are getting ready to close on our 'new to us' home, so frugality is essential.} Deciding to make my own with what I had on hand. Which amounted to broken up bees wax, cotton thread and a glass jar made into a double boiler.  Click here to read the rest of his article.

Torah Videos for Teens

Did you know that the Moutrias over at, have a whole slew of Torah videos for teens. Well, now you do. Enjoy! Click here to see the videos.


"When I'm Anxiously Thinking Too Much"

From my dear friend, Anne:

I can get caught in a trap of worry, and it can feel impossible to escape. Unfortunately, this trap isn’t a physical trap, so I can’t physically get out. Worry is a trap that is totally within my own mind.

However, my physical body still reacts as if it’s all real.

Of course, we all know that most of the things we worry about don’t ever happen. I tend to get all spiritual and say I’m just “planning” or “pondering,” not “worrying.” Click here to read the whole article.

The following links are paid ads, affiliate links, or just websites I enjoy.  :)

Online Homeschooling withTorah

Homeschool curriculum for every age, firmly based on the written Torah, pointing to Yeshua as Messiah.  Plus get a $15 Amazon Gift Card when you buy form the Torah Sisters affiliate link! Learn more.

Find Believers Near You

Find Torah observant believers near you with 119 Ministry's Hebrew Roots Map.  Read More.

Scripture Picture

Download this and other beautifully designed Scripture Pictures by Christine Miller at

New Memes I Made

Click here to view, download and share all my memes.
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