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September 5, 2016

Dear Torah Sister,

I have a confession to make. I've been a big grumbler and complainer this past week. My kids and I started our new homeschool year. Which means hard work and keeping busy. The long lazy days of summer are over. Now it's time to buckle down and accomplish things each day. And for the next 170 school days. Ugh! I much prefer long lazy days! So I've had my own private pity party in my head, grumbling and complaining, NOT being content.

But my pity party must end. Shame on me for complaining at all! Sure, each day is more work now, but it's such blessed work!  I have the PRIVILEGE of homeschooling my children! Any "work" of parenting is a sacred, God-given privilege! So, I'm adjusting my attitude to me more like my Savior.

Moms, if your days are long and hard, I understand. It's okay to dislike the hardships, but I pray you find peace and contentment throughout those hard days. Keep your focus on the Kingdom work you're doing raising your kids. They are your mission field. 

I'm always telling my kids they "have to obey with a happy heart." Often, I need a dose of my own parenting.  :) Funny how that works!

Be Blessed!,
Amy Guenther
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Apple Stuffed Challah for Rosh Hashanah

From Talia Carbis

Hands up if you’re already starting to think about the Fall Feasts? I am! They are my favourite holidays. The whole season is filled with such joy and my kids look forward to it so much.

It’s traditional at Rosh Hashanah (also known as Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah), to have a round challah to signify the cyclical nature of the years, and of life itself. Another reason for having round challah is so it looks like a crown which reminds us that G-d is king of the world!

There are lots of ways to make round challah, but today I wanted to share with you an apple stuffed round challah. Yum! This challah also uses honey instead of sugar – another traditional item for this time of year!  See the recipe here.

Teaching My Children to Listen

From Anne Elliott

Some time ago on my blog, I posted an article on how and why God disciplines me. One thing I learned is that God is trying to teach me to listen to Him.

This got me thinking. How can I teach my own children to listen to me?

The Bible makes it very clear that my children must learn to listen so that they can avoid danger (“look both ways before crossing the street”). I am also responsible to teach them so many things for life, but how can I if they won’t even listen? Most of all, I want them to learn to listen to God, so that when I’m not around to guide them, they will listen to and follow Him.  Read more.

Tribute to the Sunbonnet: Symbol of a Simpler Time

From Jamie Bauer

Although the bonnet is essentially just a hat, to me it symbolizes so much more.  It hearkens us back to a simpler time.  Dare I say, a time when girls were girls and boys were boys and there was no confusing them.  Bonnets were both feminine and practical at the same time.  They were charmingly simple, just like the women who wore them.  These women were our homestead predecessors.  They were beautiful, strong, and courageous.  They often just had two bonnets, a woolen one for cold weather and one made of cotton for warm weather.  Instead of merely fashion accessories, they were practical tools for keeping the hot sun off their faces and their hair in place.  Their bonnets saw a lot of hard work.

Every summer of my homestead life, I’ve been frustrated with sun hats.  They just don’t stay on my head.  And I hate the chemical sunscreens, as well as the time they take to apply.  My new sunbonnet is the answer I’ve been looking for.  Here’s why:

  • The wide brim provides shade for my entire face, as well as ears.
  • It won’t fall off when I lean over.
  • It is made from light breathable cotton.  I can even get it wet to keep my head cooler.
  • The back is really roomy so it fits all my hair when I put it up, even in a big claw clip or messy bun.  Read more.

How to Develop a Positive Attitude Regardless of Circumstances

People can be positive and still be realists.  Being positive doesn’t mean fairy tales and lollipops, or that everything goes your way.  No, the goal is to be positive regardless of what bad things come your way.  Because, face it, bad things do come to everyone.  You can’t count on your positive thinking to create good outcomes.  Being positive regardless of circumstance is a more carefree lifestyle, but it is not careless or uncaring.

There are a lot of motivational speakers out there that talk about positive attitude with an emphasis on the results you get from it.  This is wrong.  It creates an outcome based scenario where bad things make you stumble or reassess what you know you should be doing or thinking.

Most importantly, I believe our Elohim intends for us to live this way, rejoicing in Him regardless of circumstance.

See the five ways to develop a positive attitude that resonates regardless of circumstances include. Click here to see the five ways.

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