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August 7, 2016

Dear Torah Sister,

August is here which means my kids and I are starting to really pack in the fun with fairs, day trips and beach fun. However, I do find myself looking forward to the routine of the upcoming homeschool year. To help me get ready for homeschooling, I'll be attending (and sponsoring) the Homeschooling Family Conference next week, August 14-19.  Wanna join me?  It's all online and it's all free. Several Torah keeping teachers will be interviewed and giving tips, tricks, and help.  

Some of the topics that will be covered include:
  • How to use the Bible in your homeschool
  • Chores, Kitchen Jobs, and Life Skills
  • Special needs
  • Character Qualities Your Children Need for Homeschooling Success
  • The Purpose of Preschool
  • Teaching Math to All Ages
  • Teaching High School 
  • Mom’s Facebook “Pajama Party”
  • Interview with Brad Scott from Wildbranch Ministry
  • And lots more! Click here to see the full schedule.

Hope to see you there!  Learn more.

Be Blessed!,
Amy Guenther
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Practical Niddah

By Heidi Cooper of

I am thankful that YHVH is always teaching us. When I think that I have everything down and no longer need His correction and instruction, I am in a very dangerous place. I thought I had the niddah laws figured out. But my understanding was limited and focused in the wrong place. I thought the woman was niddah, but in the Hebrew, the flow itself is niddah. The emphasis should be on not coming in contact with the flow. Please take the time to print out and read this article by Steve Siefken. He explained everything quite well, so I will send you to him. My husband and I studied it together and found it very helpful. We have decided to change our approach to niddah as a result.

  • We don’t sleep in separate beds, but my husband does sleep in a sleeping bag on the bed. We feel this sufficiently prevents him touching any flow.
  • I kiss him goodbye and get a hug when I need it, but there is no intimacy.
  • I keep sheets, towels, pads, etc. laundered.
  • We do still sit in separate chairs, since those are harder to clean if there is any contamination.
  • We are trying to at least rinse off in the shower every day, just in case.
Read more.

Thinking Biblically

By Allison Armstrong of

A few weeks ago I came across one of those inspirational photos. You know, they’re usually the ones with the hipster girl laughing, or someone standing in a field with the sun shining all around them, and they have sayings, or scripture, or in this case, a quote.

This quote made me stop in my internet-scrolling tracks and think.

I started thinking about my life, about the times when I was right with the Father and studying the Word. What were the thoughts I had during that time? What about the times when I haven’t studied or spent time seeking His face? What were my thoughts?  Read more.

Simply Homemade: Summer Potpourri

By Lisa Barthuly of

Bring Summer INside!  This is a really nice blend– and very simple to mix up! Nice part is, you can pick up most of your ingredients on a walk around the yard, on a summer evening. OR… you can always pick up your herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs too — which is what I am doing this year.  Read more to get the recipe.

“A Marriage, a Mystery, and Me” Promo Video

"A Marriage, a Mystery, and Me" Promo Video
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Torah Portion

August 7-13
 | דברים | "Words"
TorahDeuteronomy 1:1 - 3:22
ProphetsIsaiah 1:1-27
Brit HadashaMark 14:1-16John 15:1-11Hebrews 3:7 - 4:11; 1 Timothy 3:1-7

Scripture Picture

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