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RIPESS is hiring! Apply for the position of Executive Secretary of the network

The Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS) will receive until March 12th applications for the position currently open of Executive Secretary of the network. A good command of French, Spanish and English is necessary.

More details about the job description online or in pdf.
Thanks for helping us sharing the job position in your networks!

Call for applications closing date: March 12th, 2016

A map of SSE solutions on!

Contribute to building the "map of Social Solidarity Economy solutions"! This mapping initiative set up by the website is designed to boost the visibility of the social and solidarity economy (multiplicity of points) as well as to show that the solutions offered by the SSE are present in the entire economic spectrum as part of the SSE’s mission to meet people’s needs. It aims to demonstrate how the SSE meets needs in terms of food, health, education, culture, housing, access to land and water, energy production and environmental protection.

-> Help complete the map with initiatives from all around the world and share in your networks!

RIPESS Asia/ASEC Course on the SSE, Philippines, Manila, March 14-18th
The Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC) will host the SSE Course “Revitalizing Community Partnership for Sustainable Development” in the University of the Philippines, Manila, on March 14-18th. The SSE Course organised by RIPESS Asia/ASEC provides an opportunity for civil society networks in ASEAN to collaborate with each other in developing solidarity-based community enterprises towards a people-centered ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). More details.
RIPESS North America Forum, Detroit, April 7-10th
RIPESS North America is organizing its very first continental meeting  in Detroit. The program includes a conference on April 8-10 and Solidarity Economy tours on the 7th.

The organizers of the Forum include RIPESS NA members - the U.S. Solidarity Economy Network (SEN), the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNET) and the Chantier de l’économie Sociale in Quebec - as well as U.S. national organizations and local Detroit organizations. More details

4th RAESS meeting- Bamako, April 26-30th 

At the end of the 3rd Meeting of the African Network for SSE (RAESS) held in Morocco in April 2014, RENAPESS - the National Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy of Mali was designated to host the 4th meeting of RAESS.

The “Bamako 2016” conference will be held from April 26-30th at the International Conference Centre and the Palais des cultures Amadou Hampaté BA in Bamako. The event will aim to assess the progress made in promoting the SSE in Africa and to discuss the challenges related to the development of the legal framework of the SSE across the continent. Details

LABORAESS: visit the new website of RAESS

The RAESS coordination announced the official launching of the website LABORAESS, interactive and multilingual. To know more about RAESS and the social and solidarity economy in the African continent, visit the website of the Laboratory and International support service to the African SSE network:

World Social Forum 2016 in Montreal: the Committee Alternative Social and Solidarity Economies invites you to participate!
Everywhere, the experiences for an economy based on solidarity are growing: the World Social Forum that will take place in Montreal from August 9-14, 2016, will be an excellent opportunity to promote other economies! The Committee for Alternative, Social and Solidarity Economies-WSF2016 aims to bring together people and groups involved in various movements to co-organize activities and have a strong and visible presence during the WSF.

Are you planning to attend the Montreal WSF? We invite you to  join our Facebook group or contact the committee writing to to share your ideas for activities. More information.
European Forum on the SSE, January 28
In May 2015, the European United Left / Nordic Confederation Group (GUE / NGL) decided to turn its traditional support to the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) into one of its main strategic processes for this legislature (2014-2019). The European parliamentary group has set as one of its main goals for 2016 the organisation of the First European Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy (EFSSE).

The Forum h
eld on January 28th at the European Parliament in Brussels gathered numerous participants. Read more on RIPESS Europe's website.


SSE Course

March 14-18, Philippines
North American SSE Forum 2016
April 8-10, Detroit

Registration is now open!  Follow the NASSE Forum on Twitter and Facebook

#MapJam 2016
April 4-17th, 2016

Shareable and Sharing Cities Network organize a 3rd edition of the worlwide #MapJam: participate to map community resources, sharing initiatives, coops and the commons in your community! To know more

Bamako 2016
4th RAESS Meeting
April 26-30, 2016

RENAPESS Mali will host the 4th RAESS continental meeting. To know more.

Canada National Community Economic Development Conference
Montreal, May 18-20

To know more

General Assembly

Paris, June 20-22

World Social Forum  2016
Montreal, August 9-14

To know more

Global Social Economy Forum -GSEF2016
Montreal, Sept 7-9, 2016 

Join over 2,000 participants to discuss collaboration between local governments and SSE actors for the development of the cities! Details

UN Habitat III Conference
Quito, October 2016 
COP 22, Marrakech November 7-18, 2016
Launch of the Working Group on Women and ESS within RIPESS

On December 11, the SSE leaders from Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa participated in the first international meeting of the Working Group on Women and SSE. The enthusiasm was palpable.Finally space was created to reflect and discuss the role of women and also of gender equity within the SSE. In addition, it was confirmed that the new RIPESS website will make a special place for women in SSE which and it will support sharing of resources, experiences and best practices. In addition to supporting the RIPESS in achieving its vision and mission, the Working Group on Women and SSE, will promote the SSE as a strategy for improving the socioeconomic status of women and girls, establish alliances and partnerships with a variety of organizations, and organize workshops, panels and conferences. You are invited to be part of this Working Group. We expect 6 meetings per year and the next one will be on March 18th. Join this Group on women and SSE, let’s build stronger and egalitarian SSE.
Ethel Côté, Chair of the Working Group on Women and SSE
To confirm your interest to be part of this working group, please email us:
Legal and political recognition of social solidarity economy (SSE). An overview on SSE public policies and guidelines. Yvon Poirier, January 2016. Read here.
Social welfare for all: the potential of a Social Solidarity Economy, ICSW Newsletter Global Cooperation Network. Yvon Poirier, January 2016. Read here.

Report of the National Conference of Morocco on Social and Solidarity Economy, November 2015. REMESS-Oxfam, February 2016. Read here (in French).
 2015 RIPESS. To contact us: /

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