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RIPESS releases its global vision paper

The Global Vision for a Social Solidarity Economy: Convergences and Differences in Concepts, Definitions and Frameworks paper released by the RIPESS network is part of a process of debate and consultation in which the network has been engaged from its first Global Forum on SSE in 1997 through to the present. The vision of SSE has been consistent, but underlying concepts, definitions and frameworks have, and continue to evolve.

In 2013, a global consultation was carried out by the continental networks, moving the dialogue through a mixture of live meetings, conference calls and electronic communications. Our intent was to deepen our understanding of the various approaches to SSE, so as to move towards greater convergence where possible, and to understand more clearly the differences that remain. We sought to have a better grasp of the specificities of local contexts, rather than to reach agreement on a single concept or definition. The Global Vision was one the main themes of the 5th International Meeting on SSE, held in Manila in 2013. 

The global vision paper lays out the main elements from the discussions and identifies areas to explore further. The actors of SSE are invited to use this document as a tool for reference, reflection and education in their activities for building and promoting an alternative model of development based on SSE.

The global vision of SSE is an evolving process. We invite you to send us your comments using the form on the website or writing us at

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A RIPESS delegation at the WSF, March 24-28

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VI Latin American and Caribbean Meeting on Solidarity Economy
and Fair Trade

Managua, Nicaragua
April 21-24th, 2015
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Pre-ASEAN Summit Roundtable on Social Solidarity Economy

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 25th, 2015
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RIPESS Social Solidarity Economy Education Project 2015-2016: bringing together SSE educators to share experiences

Education about SSE is a critical part of the work carried out by social movements to put forth the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) as an alternative holistic economic model. There is a wealth of SSE education going across the world, and we have a lot to learn from each other's experiences.

Over the course of 2015-2016, RIPESS seeks to engage people at different levels (popular and community education, formal education, training for practitioners and SSE development organizations) in a project on SSE education to continue to strengthen our common vision, connect people and groups engaged in SSE education and share best practices, tools and curriculums. A survey, webinars and other spaces of exchange  will be facilitated in English, Spanish and French. More information to come soon !
News from RELIESS
The RELIESS has added a new section on its website that highlights the different kinds of initiatives municipalities all over the world have put into place to support the development of the SSE. The Documentation Center continues to include new briefs on exemplary policies for the SSE, reference documents and new developments on these fronst. website is celebrating its third anniversary

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 2015 RIPESS.

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