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Issue 200
Saturday, September 7, 2019

Classes will start on Monday, September 9, 2019 promptly at 09:30. This and other important dates of the 2019-2020 academic year  (official holidays in Valencia, school breaks…)  have been summarized in this document

On a daily basis, you can stay updated throughout the ASV mobile app, which offers daily alerts of upcoming events such as the Parents Nights, students’ field trips or ASV Day, the school community celebration. Note that the ASV Public Calendar can be seen also on the school website and the screens placed across the school campus.

Are you ready for an exciting year?

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Preschool - Elementary   |   Middle School - High School   |   Athletics  |  Office

Atrium Renovation

The renovation of the school atrium has finished on schedule and the space is ready to be used starting on Monday, the first day of the 2019-2020 academic year. The school office has a new reception desk where families and visitors can place their requests and receive information. The library has a new glass wall; next to it there is a long bench, opposite to the school theater doors.

New flooring, walls and furniture improve the functionality and the appearance of the area. There are two different areas: one for small group or individual work, with new tables and chairs, and an open space for  presentations with triangular stands and a video-wall.

Faculty Work Week

From September 2 to 6, ASV staff members developed the annual Work Week aimed to prepare the start of the academic year. This time the event was especially focused on child protection training and included a revision and planning meeting led by the specialist Ms. Yolanda Murphy-Barrena. On Wednesday there was a training session for all teachers and assistants; on Thursday the school infirmary organized a first-aid workshop; participants went over basic paramedic procedures (cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Heimlich maneuver...) and learned how to use a de-choker device.

Arrival Procedures

ASV community members must follow a set of instructions when they arrive at campus by car, bus or walking. Let us remind the basic arrival and transportation procedures with a special emphasis on punctuality and security:

Arrival on Campus
  • Classes in Grades 1-12 begin at 9:30 h. Preschool children start at 9:45 h. Late arrivals need to check in at the Main Office; see Tardy Policy in the Student Handbook on

Pedestrian Access
  • Especially at times when the school buses are arriving or leaving please do not enter the parking lot and follow the instructions of the ASV staff in the parking area.  

Getting by Car
  • For the safety and security of all people, please respect the 30km/h speed limit at all times.  Drivers must be especially careful around crossing areas.
  • Do not park or block driveways or garage entrances at any time.  Please be respectful and courteous to all of our school neighbors by parking properly at all times. This includes not parking in areas where the curb is painted yellow or where orange cones are placed.

Bus Service
  • If your child uses the ASV transportation service, see the updated bus route plan you have received this week. Please be at the assigned stop five minutes before the scheduled time. ASV buses (operated by Autocares Capaz, Autocares Puerto, and Autocares Romero) have a white board with the name of the school and the route number on the lower right corner of the windshield.

Bus Routes for 2019-2020

ASV families received this week an email containing the bus routes planning for 2019-2020 (which they will start on Monday, September 9)

We kindly ask to check your regular route and bus stop in the document available here.  The School was working with the bus companies since June 2019 studying all requests. 

We appreciate your collaboration and understanding  during the first week concerning the route, the schedule and the possible traffic in Valencia.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

New Communication Form

The school office has a new communications form intended to be used for the most common requests. 
  • Student Car Pick Up
  • Pick Up Authorization
  • Absence
  • Early Pick Up
  • Late Arrival
  • Permission to Leave Campus (only HS Students)
  • Temporary Special Diet
  • Temporary Medicine Administration

This year on September 28 the American School of Valencia will celebrate the community’s spirit on it’s annual ASV Day!

Please join us for games, arts and crafts, swimming, sports, music, food and drinks and much more. A great way to see returning families and friends  and welcoming new families to the community! Doors open at 12:00 pm. If you would like to VOLUNTEER to help on this special day please sign up on this link. Looking forward to seeing you here! 

Preschool and Elementary School

School Materials

ASV provides students with textbooks, reading books and multiple learning materials which are also available in  each class or grade level. However, there are some supplies that  families must prepare before the school starts according to this list. 

Preschool Classes (Nursery to Kinder)

Elementary School

Swimming Lessons

Students in Elementary classes will have swimming lessons twice per week as part of their Physical Education course. The activity will start on September 16, and will finish on September 27. Please be aware of the schedule below in order that students are prepared:

Mondays: 1W / 2B / 5W / 5B 
Tuesdays: 1B /  2W /  3W /  4B
Wednesdays: 3B / 4W
Thursdays: 1W / 2W / 3B / 3W 
Fridays: 1B / 2B/ 4B / 4W / 5B / 5W

As usual, students need a swimming suit, goggles, cap, flip flops and a towel.

Extended Time for After-School Pick Up Option

Please let us know if you are interested in this service by completing this form no later than Friday Friday September 12, 2019. This service is for students who are ages 3-8 (and siblings), and is intended to be used every day for those who use the service.

There is a flat monthly fee regardless of attendance, which is billed monthly.  The minimum is set to 5 children to run this service.

If there is sufficient interest, we will begin this service starting Monday September 16, 2019.  We will confirm whether we will be able to provide this service by Friday September 13, 2019 .

Middle School and High School

School Materials Needed

ASV provides students with textbooks, reading books and multiple learning materials which are also available in  each class or grade level. However, there are some supplies that  families must prepare before the school starts according to these lists. Please, follow the appropriate link depending on your child’s grade level:

Recommended School Supplies List - Grade 6

Recommended School Supplies List - Grades 7 and 8

We expect that High School students have developed an organizational system that works best for them and that they will come prepared with the materials that they prefer. However, there is a basic list of useful supplies below. Teachers will communicate any other specific material needed for the courses they teach they take on the first day of classes.

Recommended School Supplies for Grades 9 - 12

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

Tentative Athletic Events

The Athletic Department has shared a draft of the list of athletic events and tournaments organized or attended by the ASV varsity and junior varsity teams. Have a look online to find those activities in which your child may be interested. This calendar is subject to changes as not all of the events are hosted or directly organized by our school.


ASV+ Registration

The ASV+ enrollment process for the upcoming 2019-2020, ASV’s official  extracurricular program is again ongoing and spots in some activities are already at capacity.   Students in Grades 11 and 12 have received a specific communication for these ASV+ as the high school schedule will now allow students in these grade levels to participate in ASV+.  

This section of the school website offers detailed information about the activities available for each division. Find those available for your child’s grade level on these columns and read a short description by clicking on each box. In case you wish to know the detailed syllabus explore this online folder.

Please, contact Ms. Escarlata Casas if you have any questions.

Enrolled Students

The ASV+ program wants to welcome all registered students and has sent an email to all registered families. Click on the links below to find out the details of your child’s ASV+ activity, starting next week!! 

School Office

Financial Information

The ASV Business Office team welcomes you to the new school year 2019-2020. We wish all our students and families to reach all their expectations in this new adventure

Regarding the billing of the school fees, we invite you to check our documentation which is available in this section to download. Since the end of the previous school year, you will find the details of the fees and concepts that will be billed during the new school year. Other concepts are not detailed yet since they correspond to activities and products that you voluntarily request and whose content is informed during the course of the course (for example, yearbooks, trips, ...)

We remind you that the first receipt of the 2019-2020 academic year will be issued in the second half of the week of September 9, 2019. As of October, regular invoices will be made the first week of the month. In any case, receipts have to be paid before the week after the billing by the means established and authorized by the school. For your convenience and for security reasons, we would appreciate your direct payment (giving our bank account data) or deposit into the school account. In both cases, please contact Mr. Alfredo Querol (Operations Manager) by emailing him to . Mr. Querol will inform you properly about the procedure to follow and the necessary data.

For further information about the billing and reimbursement policy you can contact the staff in charge of the ASV Business Office, Mr. Ildefonso Segura or Mr. Alfredo Querol.

Have a happy 2019-2020 school year!

Continuity Insurance

The school offers a student continuity insurance policy, which provides for the continual payment of your child’s required school fees in the event of death or permanent and absolute disability. Families can read on this section of the Parent Resources website an informative letter describing the extent of this policy.

Please, note that parents being 65 years old on August 31, 2019 must contact Alfredo Querol to be informed about the limitations.

Health and Diet Issues

Please contact Ms. Inma Requena, our School Nurse,  for any issue or communication involving health and diet issues. Remember that families of students promoted to Grade 1, Grade 7 or Grade 11 must submit the official medical certificate provided at their public health center, as these grade levels are considered new stages and it is compulsory for schools to have an updated health document.

Based on our campus safety procedures Visions will close everyday at 17:00 h. The ASV Store will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 16:00 to 17:00 h.


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