Foxborough students finished their first week at ASV travelling to Peñíscola with their exchange mates and the ASV Community Activities Coordinator, Mr. Marc Boyer. From Monday to Thursday they attended classes in 9th and 10th grade following an assigned schedule according to their age and their academic program in Boston. 

Read comments from Ms. Annie Azarloza (FRCS teacher) and find pictures on the school website. 
Preschool Carnival

Today Preschool celebrated the carnival at ASV. Children came to school dressed up with a varied set of dresses including superheroes, princesses, animals, and Star Wars characters, among others. From 10:00 to 11:00 they had a special time in their park, enjoying games and handicrafts workshops. At 15:00 all of the classes, from Nursery to Kinder, paraded around parks A and B, where Elementary students and teachers were looking and cheering them.
Thanks to our Parent Volunteers

Thank you to all of those Preschool parents who came on Wednesday and today to help our staff to prepare the Carnival activities. We hope they enjoyed with this colorful day.

Fallas Workshop: We are Ready to Set Up the Structure

The third and fourth grades have dedicated great time and effort throughout the week. These students applied background and spirit to give each of our pieces its own little personality. They've even started adding color! We're now awaiting the arrival of the Fallas structure. The structure will be 2.5 meters tall, with a 5.2 meter diameter. Next week, the sixth graders will add on some finishing touches to the separate elements and begin piecing the parts together. We are right on schedule to create the best Fallas yet! 

Reminder of the use of Google Sites

A reminder for parents to check the Google Site of their child’s homeroom teacher on a weekly basis for updates on assignments, activities, and topics of instruction. Please contact our IT department with access issues and the applicable classroom teacher for clarification on posted resources. 
ASV Delegation. THIMUN 2016

International Mother Language Day Celebrated in High School

The 11th grade French class prepared a special assembly celebrating the International Mother Language Day. Students suggested a variety of contents including a presentation highlighting the importance of mother languages, a multilingual poetry show, music performances, dances representing several cultures, and two videos showing the variety of languages spoken at the ASV community. Learn more by reading this post on the school website.
ASV Delegation. THIMUN 2016

Jueves del Arte. Released the Activity Plan for March and April

Our Art teacher, Ms. Paula Jover, recently released the activity plan for the extracurricular club Jueves del Arte. Students in grades 11 and 12 already know the array of museums and galleries to be visited in March and April. The schedule includes several museums and the recently restored church of San Nicolás, finishing with the traditional clue game across the historic city center.
ASV Delegation. THIMUN 2016

Parents Technology Workshop

Families with students in High School are invited to attend a new Technology Workshop given by the ASV IT Coordinator, Mr. Samuel Landete. Save the date: Friday, February 26, at 15:15. This workshop will address important issues concerning internet safety such as how to protect your students and set effective boundaries for safe usage. This is a critical issue for all modern families. Please make an effort to attend this important event. 

Important Information for Grade 12

We are now coming into the final months of school for the 12th grade students.  They are fast approaching the end of their experience at ASV.  We would like to make sure that you are aware of the following very important dates so that you can support your child in these critical months as they prepare for the IB and Selectividad exams. Find them on the school website.

Grade 11 Visited the University of Valencia

On Wednesday, February 17, 11th grade students visited the University of Valencia. The activity had three different tour options depending on the degrees they were interested in. Students visiting the campus in Burjassot received information about Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, and Engineering; students visiting the campus in Av. Tarongers toured the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, as well as the schools of Social Studies and Education; the students going to Blasco Ibáñez were interested in Communication, Philology, PE and Sports, History, Geography, and Medicine, among others degrees.

Preparing MADMUN 2016

Twelve students have begun their journey to MadMUN! Sara Domingo, Raquel Garcia Diaz, Laura Illan Ferrandez, Cristina Guzman, Aroa Garcia, Ricardro Saez, Ricardo Payri, Raquel Lopez, Angela Carbonell, Fernado Tena, Angela Hernandez, and Alessandro Zupcic will all be representing China, Australia, and Chad in various committees discussing global issue. More to come... 

AMAC Basketball Tournament Now on Video

Enjoy the highlights of the recent basketball tournament AMAC 2016 where the ASV senior teams had a good performance. Thanks to Ms. Rhona Stapleton who recorded the games!

ASV Challenge+ and Basketball Tournament

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, we are going to hold in our facilities the ASV Challenge. All our ASV+ Robotic students are invited to participate in this competition which can classify them for the World Robot Olympiad which will be held in Valencia before the end of the school year.

Also in March 5, 2016, ASV is holding the first event of 2016 that BC Almassera organizes with all schools who collaborate with them, 1st to 3rd grade students from Basketball and Multisport are invited to participate in this event. Remember to fill in the Google form before February 29.

Hockey Tournament Escoles Xaloc

ASV is holding the first Hockey tournament for all the schools who collaborate with CH Xàloc, on Saturday, February 20, 2016. Check the schedule for each grade on the ASV+ Google Site.

Learning Day

All the ASV+ Ballet families enjoyed with their daughters a Ballet class. We all had a lot of fun!!!

Enrollment for the School Year 2016-2017 


The enrollment process for the school year 2016-2017 in open. Please, contact the school office if you have children born in 2013, 2014, and 2015 and they are not enrolled in the ASV.

ASV Calendar (check it out on our website)

Wednesday, February 24. Parent Meeting for IB Diploma Students (15:30-16:30)

Thursday, February 25. Field Trip to Berklee College of Music

Friday, February 26
End of second term for grades 7-11

Art History Trip
Parent Technology Workshop (15:30-16:30)

You can find here some internal documents always available on Google Drive. Please, log in with your ASV account:

Estatutos del Colegio Hispano Nortemericano (link to Google Drive)

Finance Annual Report 14-15 (link to Google Drive)

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Lunch menus for February 2016

Preschool / ElementaryHigh School

We would like to remind you that the school only provides park supervision between 9:30 to 16:30 h. School parks close at 17:00 h.

We would like to remind you that any changes related to transportation must be requested by sending an e-mail to before 12:00 on the day of the change.

We remind you that Visions Café will be open during the following hours for students, parents and staff:

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