News from our September 18, 2016 Meeting!
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September 18, 2016


Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,



   Information Notes  

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 Room Reservations

September 25  25日は休みです!Notice! Our classes will be closed. 

October 2          AM & PM    Audiovisual room 11F. 視聴覚室  
October 9          AM & PM    room 2.
October 16        AM & PM    room 2.
October 23        AM & PM    room 2.

October 30        AM & PM    room 2.

  English Class   
Today’s teachers and participants: Masanori Tatsui, Doug Lerner, Katsuyo Sudo, Hideki Noji, Akie Omori, Yoshio Kuno, Yoshio Hirano, Yumi Mitsui, Seiko Okuyama, Hidemi Kakizawa, Karin Son and Sanae Sugimura.

Photo: English class.

We talking about how we would explain certain things in Japanese to a foreigner.

* 何を
* どんな風に

About numbers.  (数字について)
1 one
10 ten
100 one hundred
1,000 one thousand
一万 10,000 ten thousand
十万 100,000 one hundred thousand
百万 1,000,000 one million
千万 10,000,000 ten million
一億 100,000,000 one hundred million
十億 1,000,000,000 one billion
百億 10,000,000,000 ten billion
千億 100,000,000,000 one hundred billion
一兆 1,000,000,000,000 one trillion
十兆 10,000,000,000,000 ten trillion
百兆 100,000,000,000,000 one hundred trillion
千兆 1,000,000,000,000,000 one quadrillion
Photo: English class.

Zoom with Rosalie and Myles from New York. 

We visited the "Bagel Boss" in New York during their live broadcast. 
This shop sells "Rainbow Bagels" - also shown on Japan TV on Tuesday! 
(この店に話題の「レインボーベーグル」があります。 -火曜日に、日本のテレビに出ました!)  

video:  (左をクリックしてビデオをご覧ください!)

Photo: Rosalie and Myles in the Bagel Boss.

Holidays in September in Japan (日本の9月の休日) 

Respect for the Aged Day (敬老の日) 
Autumnal Equinox 

We practiced how to say dates in English, such as September 22 = September twenty second and June 3 = June third. We went around the room and every said their birthday in English.

Self-introductions (自己紹介)


  English song Karaoke

♪ We listened to and sang "Do Re Mi"  from the Sound of Music, sung by Julie Andrews.
(ジュリー・アンドリュースのサウンド・オブ・ミュージック「ドレミの歌」を聴いて歌った。 ー日本では別の歌詞でよく知られている。)

♪ We also listened to "Can't take my eyes off you" sung by Diana Ross.
Photo: English class.

Then we described photos we saw in English sentences

For example:

The cat is waiting for his friend.       

 Computer Workshop 

Today’s teachers and participants: Doug Lerner, Keizhen Kimu, Masanori Tatsui, Akie Omori, Yoshio Kuno, Makkun Mitsui, Hidemi Kakizawa, Yumi Mitsui, Seiko Okuyama, Suchin Teraoka, Suchin's son, Karin Son and Sanae Sugimura. 

We talked about new features in iOS 10 for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Mail now threads by conversation. Also, good at guessing where to move emails so you don't have to work your way through your file hierarchy. Big time saver.
  • Lock screen is different. Now you slide left for camera and right for notifications and widgets.
  • On iPhone 6S and newer, lift to lock screen
  • New features in Messages to preview links and do more than just text. For example, full screen effects. Characters. Animations. In landscape view and on iPad, handwritten messages. Apps for Messages. 
  • Control panel is now 2 pages - one just for music
  • Sliding right used to unlock your phone - now you get a new widgets page. Just press the button to go to your home screen.
  • New Photos app with search and Markup. Note - Edit icon and position changed. 
  • Can delete standard apps (really just hides them) and restore from the App store.
  • News app improved. 
  • Safari - close all tabs at once.
  • Magnifier.

See you on October 2nd !



 Walt's video and  photos
  Faces of Japan, Walt's video:

 New Hibiki home page        

 You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。






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