News from our December 7, 2014 Meeting!
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December 7, 2014  Part 1

Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,


Information Notes

 Room Reservations                          

 December, 14,   AM. room 2,  PM. room 2. 
 December, 21,   AM. room 2,  PM. Audiovisual room (
December, 28,   AM. room 2,  PM. room 2.
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Akie’s essay



■ English Class 

Today’s teachers: Walt, Masanori, Doug.
Participants: Michael, Mieko, Katsuyo, Yoshio, Isamu, Akie, 
Samurai, Masako, Kayoko, Sachiko, Sanae.

   The lecture of Masanori.
Photo: English class.
 The class was study of the speeches. (year-end and New Year story.)
We spoke each story.
Teacher Masanori asked us. "What percentage did you understand?"

  Christmas Party      
     Photo: Founder, Walt.

                  by Myles and Rosalie.        

Myles and Rosalie showed us Rockefeller center in N.Y. as always in Skype.
Photo: Skype screen.
 "Happy Holidays from your friends, Myles & Rosalie!"
Video from Rosalie.
Video: Rockefeller Center
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 Opening remarks by Walt
Photo: Dr. Chino and Walt.

Video: Opening remarks by Walt.   
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 Speech by Eight Princes Toastmasters President Katashi Ishihara.
Photo: Katashi Santa.

Christmas carol “ The Twelve Days of Christmas” led by Doug Lerner.
Photo: Computer teacher, Doug.

 Magic performed by Hirofumi Takagi

Photo: Magic show by Hirofumi.

Video: Magic show    
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 Bingo by MC, Jack

Photo: Bingo by Jack, many prizes which Yoshio prepared.

 Jazz Concert by Hemmi Yasuyo

Photo: Concert by Yasuyo

Video: Welcoming Hemmi-san   
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     Video: Bei Mir Bist Du Shein  
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Ginza Kankan Musume  

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                              To be continued to Part 2 !      

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