News from our May 17, 2015 Meeting!
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May 17, 2015

Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,


Information Notes

 Room Reservations                               

May 24          AM. room 5.  PM. room 5.  
May 31          AM. room 2.  PM. room 2.  

June 7           AM. room 5.  PM. room 5.
June 14         AM. room 2.  PM. room 2.  
June 21         AM. Audiovisual room.  PM. Audiovisual room . 

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You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。

 Walt's video and  photos
Faces of Japan, Walt's video:
Slide show video:

Akie’s essay


■ English Class 
Today’s teachers and Participants: Masanori, Doug, Katsuyo, Akie, Yoshio, Hidemi, Kayoko, Takato, Samurai, Kayoko, Keiko, Karin, Sanae and one lady..
Photo: English class.
    Masanori's Lecture                                                                                      
Masanori's lecture was on the many uses of the word "through."

We studied conversation situations.

Situation 1.
One student
ordered lunch in restaurant.

Situation 2.
Another student was a
dog trainer and Doug was the client.

Situation 3.
Doug was a tourist on a train and Katsuyo helped him (and they both missed the station).

Situation 4.
Takato wanted to buy an English book at a book store. The salesclerk was Doug, the computer teacher.

Photo: English class.    
   Doug's Lecture                                                                                   

Chinese whispers.

First, teacher Doug whispered, "Next week the U.S. ambassador to Japan will come to Hibikinokai and sing a song."

By the time it go to Sanae it became, "Next week Hibikinokai, we sing mother."

Finally the last person, Akie said, "Next weaker Hibikinokai will speaker mother."

Note: Ambassador Kennedy is not coming next week to Hibikinokai to sing a song.

  Photo: English class, "Chinese Whispers".
Words with uni: unicycle, uniform, unicode, unicolor, unicorn, unilateral, unison, universal, university...

  Doug taught us the song "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". First Doug sang it alone and everybody politely applauded. Then we watched the famous Joan Baez version from Woodstock in 1969, and then we all sang it together.

Akie then requested, "Impossible" from the Musical "Cinderella" because of the pumpkin which turned into a golden carriage (a chariot).


 Computer Workshop ■ 
Today’s teachers and Participants: Doug, Akiyuki, Shu, Masanori,
Hidemi, Akie, Keiko, 
Yoshikazu, Kayoko, Makkun, Hideo, Kayoko, Karin, Sanae and one lady.

Photo: Computer workshop.    


Photo: Walt's garden - photo by Walt.

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