News from our September 10, 2017 Meeting!
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 September 10, 2017


Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,



   Information Notes  

吉良さが、金曜日(8日)にNICOTT (旧 若駒) に、ひびきの会を紹介してくれました。タカさん、ありがとうございました。


17日   AM  視聴覚室    PM  視聴覚室   
24日   クリエイトホールが休館日のため、ひびきの会は休みです。

日    AM  第2学習室   PM 第2創作室
8日  AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
15日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室

22日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
29日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室

5日  AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
12日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室

19日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
26日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
  English Class   
Today’s teachers and participants: Doug Lerner, Masanori Tatsui, Yuichi Abe, Motoyasu Uki, Katsuyo Sudo, Takahide Kira, Taka's helper, Keiko Tsurumaki, Yuriko Yamada, Akie Omori, Hidemi Kakizawa, Yoshihiko Tokioka, Karin Son and Sanae Sugimura.

Why do you want to study in English?

Tatsui-san asked us.
Some people added comments.

On the pronunciation of R and L


One summer night the priest was called away, to perform a Buddhist service at the house of a dead parishioner; and he went there with his acolyte, leaving Hoichi alone in the temple. It was a hot night; and the blind man sought to cool himself on the verandah before his sleeping-room. The verandah overlooked a small garden in the rear of the Amidaji. There Hoichi waited for the priest’s return, and tried to relieve his solitude by practicing upon his biwa. Midnight passed; and the priest did not appear. But the atmosphere was still too warm for comfort within doors; and Hoichi remained outside. At last he heard steps approaching from the back gate. Somebody crossed the garden, advanced to the verandah, and halted directly in front of him—but it was not the priest. A deep voice called the blind man’s name—abruptly and unceremoniously, in the manner of a samurai summoning an inferior:—


“Hai!” answered the blind man, frightened by the menace in the voice,—”I am blind!—I cannot know who calls!”

“There is nothing to fear,” the stranger exclaimed, speaking more gently.

“I am stopping near this temple, and have been sent to you with a message. My present lord, a person of exceedingly high rank, is now staying in Akamagaseki, with many noble attendants.

verandah   現在はhを入れない。 veranda

Midnight passed; and the priest did not appear.
       ;ではなく、 , カンマ が正しい。

lord  主人

overlook  見わたす・上から見下ろす
look over  見わたす・ざっと目を通す
oversee  仕事や行程を監督する、監視する

see   自然に目に入ってくる
look 主体的にみる
watch 動いているものをある程度の時間見る

Zoom with Rosalie and Myles from New York.


We talked about lunch boxes (bento).

You guys   = You' all



English Expression, Phrases and Idioms

Find your feet   新しいところに慣れる  



Good morning!
My given name is .......
My family name is .......
My nickname is .......   /   I have no nickname.
I am from ......                       
I live in .......
      I live in Hachioji, Tokyo.
My hobbies are........  /   My hobby is.......
     My hobby is having books read to me by volunteers.
     My hobby is listen to music.
     My hobby is going to onsen.
I really hate  ........   

My personality is ............
     My personality is serious.   My personality is happy.
     My personality is depressed.   My personality is optimistic.
     My personality is pessimistic.    My personality is humorous.
     My personality is irreverent.
Nice to meet you!


English Quiz




  English song Karaoke

We listened to and sang "Look at the sky."

Hangman  ...  place

Answer .....  Shinkoiwa



 Computer Workshop 
Today’s teachers and participants: Doug Lerner, Shingo Fube, Toyoko Tsugehara, Atsumi Sugimoto, Masanori Tatsui, Akie Omori, Masatoshi Mitsui, Motoyasa Uki, Yuriko Yamada, Teruaki Wakamiya, Hidemi Kakizawa, Yoshihiko Tokioka, Karin Son, Sanae Sugimura and others.

iOS11 について










アカウント(account)とは、インターネット上の様々なサービスやコンピュータそのものにログインするための権利のことです。 例えば、IP電話ソフトの代表格であるLINEやスカイプ、Facebook・ミクシィなどのSNSを利用する際、「事前にアカウントを作成してください」と言われると思います。 これは、「事前に権利を取得してください」という意味です。




See you !

 Walt's video and  photos
  Faces of Japan, Walt's video:

 New Hibiki home page       

 You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。






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