News from our July 26, 2015 Meeting!
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July 26, 2015

Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,


Information Notes

 Room Reservations                               

> Notice! Our classes will be closed in August for a summer break. <
After the break we will restart classes at 10:00 A.M. on September 6 (Sunday). 

New Hibiki home page        

 Old Hibiki home page
You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。

 Walt's video and  photos
Faces of Japan, Walt's video:
Slide show video:

Akie’s essay


■ English Class 
Today’s teachers and Participants: Masanori Tatsui, Doug Lerner, Michael Uki, Katsuyo Sudo, Akie Omori, Isamu Uchida, Masako Uchino, Takato Hase, Haruto Hase, Sachiko Kodama, Kayoko Wakashio, Samurai Yoshikawa, Hidemi Kakizawa, Keiko Tsurumaki, Karin Son and Sanae Sugimura.

Photo: English class, Masanori, Isamu and Akie.     

 Masanori's Lecture 

About "take."

hoto: English class - Masako, Samurai and Kayoko. 
Present perfect tense (現在完了形).
Photo: English class - On the top, Takato and Haruto.

We studied questions using sentences from the English proficiency examination.

Doug's Lecture 
Broadcast live from New York with Rosalie and Myles.
Rosalie and Myles showed us the outdoor International Food Market in Queens.

Photo: International Food Market in Queens, NY.

Photo: Doug and, on the right, Doug's dream.
(Please click this photo to enlarge it.)
We did the exercise, "What interesting dreams have you had?”
One by one we spoke about our dreams.

Photo: Hidemi, Sachiko and Katsuyo.

Photo: English class - Michael.

Photo: On the top, Sanae. Masako and Karin.
On the bottom, Karaoke song. 

♪♪ English Karaoke song

"Summertime" from "Porgy and Bess" by George Gershwin.


 Computer Workshop ■ 
Today’s teachers and Participants: Doug Lerner, Akiyuki Goto, Keizhen Kim, Takuya Fujimaru, Masanori Tatsui, Michael Uki, Makkun Mitsui, Akie Omori, Keiko Tsurumaki, Yoshikazu Okuyama, Isamu Uchida, Hidemi Kakizawa, Masako Uchino, Kayoko Wakashio, Robert Aguilar, Karin Son and Sanae Sugimura.

We learned about Apple Music, OneNote and Evernote.

hoto: Computer Workshop - Michael, Yoshikazu, Takuya, Akie and Karin.

Photo: Computer Workshop - Sanae, Masako, Makkun, Akie, Kim.

Photo: Computer Workshop - Keiko, Isamu and Masanori.

Photo: Computer Workshop - Akiyuki, Keiko, Takuya, Yoshikazu and Takuya.

Takuya will be going to Mozambique in Africa as a member of JICA.
Takuya who supported Hibikinokai every week had his last day today.
We will miss him. Thank you, Takuya! Please be careful and come home to use safely!


Photo: Walt's apartment -  photo by Walt.