News from our June 14, 2015 Meeting!
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June 14, 2015

Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,


Information Notes

 Room Reservations                               

June 21       AM. Audiovisual room.      PM. Audiovisual room .   視聴覚室
June 28       AM. room 2.  PM. room 2.  
July    5    AM. room 2.  PM. room 2.
July  12    AM. room 2.  PM. room 2.  
July  19    AM. room 2.  PM. room 2.
July  26    AM. room 2.  PM. room 2.  

New Hibiki home page        

 Old Hibiki home page
You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。

 Walt's video and  photos
Faces of Japan, Walt's video:
Slide show video:

Akie’s essay


■ English Class 
Today’s teachers and Participants: Masanori, Doug, Michael, Katsuyo, Mieko, Samurai, Kayoko, Keiko, Hidemi, Noriko, Misen, Karin and Sanae.

Teacher Masanori advised Misen, who is taking an English proficiency test as part of an entrance examination. And teacher Doug did special lessons for her on the side. 

 Masanori's Lecture 
"To Have and Have Not"

A lesson about "have.".

 Doug's Lecture 
Broadcast live from New York with Rosalie and Myles.
Rosalie and Myles came to us from atop the "Wonder Wheel" Ferris wheel in Coney Island. 

Video; Coney Island  →

Photo: Coney Island. 

About "yes and no" and how the meaning is different in Japanese.
You aren't having a salad?   欲しくなければ ”No” という。
Aren't you tired?


♪   Songs!
"One" by Aimee Mann.
"YMCA" by Village People.

 Computer Workshop ■ 
Today’s teachers and Participants: Doug, Akiyuki, Kim, Masanori, Michael, 
Makkun, Yoshikazu, Kayoko, Akie, Noriko, Hidemi, Jyunko, Karin, Saki (Sanae's helper) and Sanae.

 Doug's Lecture

Photo: Computer workshop.    


Photo: Walt's garden - photo by Walt.