News from our December 18, 2016 Meeting!
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 December 18, 2016


Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,



   Information Notes  
● Facebook ひびきの会のグループをダグさんが作ってくださいました。 へどうぞ!
● ひびきの会の教室が、変更になったり中止になるときは、メールでお知らせしています。

● 返信メールを送る場合は、全員に宛てたメールなのか、個人に宛てたメールなのかを書いてください。

 Room Reservations

December 25      AM  Creation room 2  第2創作室(4F).
                            PM Creation room 2  第2創作室(4F).

January    8         AM  room 2  /   PM  room 2.
January  15         AM  room 2  /   PM  room 6.(11F)
January  22         AM  room 2  /   PM  room 2.
January  29         AM  room 2  /   PM  room 7.

February   5         AM  room 2  /   PM  room 2.
February 12         
Audiovisual room  視聴覚室  / PM  Audiovisual room  視聴覚室.
February 19         AM  room 7  /   PM  room 7.
February 26         AM  
Audiovisual room  視聴覚室  / PM  Audiovisual room  視聴覚室.


Aloha, I am writing to hopefully find a pen pal in Japan that can read and write English well enough to communicate with me through email.  I am a blind 50-year old Japanese-American guy living in Hawaii, and am a volunteer Braille, cooking and ukulele teacher at a local vocational rehabilitation center for the blind.  I am hoping to learn Japanese and to one day go on a sake and onsen tour in Japan.  If anyone is interested in corresponding , could you please forward my name and email address to them? Warm Mahalo.



  English Class   
Today’s teachers and participants: Yasushi Hinata, Motoyasu Uki, Yoshio Hirano, Yoshio Kuno, Akie Omori, Suchin Teraoka, Takahide Kira, Katsuyo Sudo, Yuko Ishikawa, Hideki Noji, Teruo Uchiike, Isamu Uchia, Masako Uchino, Tomotsugu Nunokawa, Karin Son, Sanae Sugimura and newcomers(?).
         Photo: Hinata-san.

subjunctive mood, unreal situation   仮定法 


If I were you,    もし私があなただったら(If+主語 + 過去形の動詞
I would buy the house now. その家を今買うのになあ
                                                             (主語+would, could等+動詞の原形・・・)




Taka: "If I were a bird, I could fly to you."

We read an article of teacher Doug on our computers and translated it.

My Time in Japan
By Doug Lerner “Osen in Nachikatsuura" courtesy of Chris 73. CC BY-SA 3.0

In the past, when I worked for a large company, I looked forward to vacations. Since I have lived in Japan for 33 years, this now includes traveling around the country of Japan and experiencing its culture.
My first trip with Japanese co-workers was interesting, but not what I expected. We went to an onsen - a Japanese hot springs resort. We all got on the train, and then a bus, and bundled off to a beautiful place in the mountains. The next morning I was settling in and writing a letter to my family back in the U.S. to let them know how nice it was when suddenly everybody said, "OK, let's go home now!" That was my first experience with a Japanese one day holiday!
Travel and holidays also included taking my Japanese friends on trips to the U.S. and sharing my culture with them. I think that was just as much fun. I took my friends from Japan to see the Grand Canyon, and go on trips to San Francisco, Yosemite, New York, Chicago and other places. It was exciting to see their  reactions to things I took for granted, which they found new and novel.
My American friends have also visited Japan. I’ve enjoyed showing them around Tokyo and Enoshima and other nearby special places.
As part of work, I have also had the chance to visit Shanghai, New Zealand and the U.K. Those were all memorable experiences.
Here in Japan the New Year's holidays are especially important. Even with my work schedule I try to take the time to do hatsumode - the first visit to a shrine for the New Year - and see old friends.
My next visit home to the U.S. will be in April to see my mother and sister. It will be my mother's 90th birthday, and it will be a good time to catch up on old memories, and see old family friends and relatives, who live in the New England area.

Doug Lerner, an American, has resided in Tokyo since 1983. He formerly worked for Fujitsu as Technical Director for the Osaka Exposition IMAX production "Echoes of the Sun". Doug also previously lectured in Mathematics and Scientific Simulation at Nippon Electronics College. Later, he founded his own company, Elliptics, which provides software development and education services. Doug has been a Member of the NLSC since March 2015.

    English song Karaoke
We listened to "Santa Claus is coming to town".             






 Computer Workshop 
Today’s teachers and participants:   ~2:00 (このあと来た人がいるかもしれません)
Keizhen Kimu, Masanori Tatsui, Motoyasu Uki, Isamu Uchia, Tomotsugu Nunokawa, Akie Omori, Yuko Ishikawa, Takahide Kira, Karin Son and Sanae Sugimura.


Showa Kinen Park
           See you !        


 Walt's video and  photos
  Faces of Japan, Walt's video:

 New Hibiki home page        

 You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。






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